King County Library Board Approves New White Center Library Location

The King County Library System Board of Trustees on Tuesday night (Feb. 26) approved a new White Center library by a vote of 4–0, reports Mark Ufkes, President of the White Center Chamber of Commerce.

“They approved locating the new library at a vacant lot on the corner of SW 107th and 14th SW (the preferred site by the White Center Chamber of Commerce, the White Center CDA, several school teachers and after school program directors, and many other White Center community members),” he added.

Ufkes continued:

This location is directly across the street from Mount View Elementary School, directly across the street from Coronado Springs, a King County Housing low income facility with over 300 family and elder apartments, and the site is next door to almost 400 additional apartment units to the south. All these residents will be within easy walking distance on non arterial streets to reach the new library. The KCLS will now negotiate with the Washington State Housing Finance Commission, the owner of the site on the development process. It is expected that the new $5+ million library will be an exceptional redevelopment opportunity for the White Center business district and become an anchor to the south end of the White Center business district. The next phase will include outreach to our White Center community to help design the interior and determine the additional community amenities that will be included in the library design. Yeah!!!


5 Responses to “King County Library Board Approves New White Center Library Location”
  1. Dollarsfordollars says:

    …could someone please clarify…was this property proposed for a low income housing site, but it could not pass a “perk” soil test. Also, what about the impact of parking. etc. What about the current WC Library site, what IMPACT will closing this building have on the neighborhood, that is close to Mt. View, Cascade, Montessori, and Evergreen Schools? Why not use the Roxbury Lanes Building, I rarely see any crowds there, although I don’t know who may own this building with tax exempt status? Who will bear the cost for any unforeseen construction/code costs? Now we are destroying trees and the potential for maybe an off leash dog park?

  2. boy says:

    It is funny how KCO wants to raise our taxes because theres no money for the parks but some how has enough to build new librarys. This new library is nothing more then an excuse to ask for more money in the future because they can’t maitain it or all the other new libraries they built. And what is wrong with the other libraries in the area?

  3. By Stander says:

    Things like this is why people vote things down. The politicians ask for one thing, promise some thing else and then deliver what they want. With dollars so short it make a great deal of sense to buy another piece of property to build on iLO using a piece of property that they already own? When they took care of Bellevue, money was no problem and when they built their great office building for their use money was not a problem. Also their plan was not put to the people that will be using it. Why? MR. Ufkes made a presentation which he claimed was approval for this plan by the most of people involved. He as president of the White Center Chamber of Commerce thinks he speaks for all the people of White Center. He only represents a small part of the business people of White Center and has no business saying he speaks for everyone? ;Also, Mr. Ufkes long range plan is to get area Y into Seattle. And with the new library where they want to build will give Seattle a nice new library if he is successful in his behind the scene plan to annex to Seattle. He got the tax payers to vote again annexation to Burien with the statement that he just wanted to stay unincooperated and still be the nice little area that it is now. How ever since the election he has bad mouthed Burien and is setting you people up for a annexation to Seattle. I lived in Seattle for over 20 years and its not cheap. Also it is hard to get any control over what Seattle does to you. I had a drainage problem that was being caused by some illegal land fill behind my house. All of us in the area complained but was not listened to. I even had the Mayor of Seattle in my Reserve unit at that time and could get a choke hold on him to present our problem. That did not even work. It finally took action by 2 little ladies and 3 TV stations and 2 radio stations to get some action. Good luck on your new white elephant library..

  4. adr says:

    ….why not convert the Roxbury Bowling Alley into the library, if one is so “desperately” needed; and convert the beautiful wooded lot into an off leash park?

  5. By Stander says:

    You have missed the whole point adr. The board wants to do what they want and not what the tax payers want. Also the people that are campaigning to go Seattle want a new Library to give to Seattle. Therefore the board must do what they think is best to accomplish this with out input from the people that will be using the Library. Mr. Ufkes made a presentation at the board meeting in which he stated he knew that the people of White Center wanted the Library moved to this location. I don;t know where Mr Ufkes got his figures but at the very least some one should question all his expertise. He is/was the president of the white center chamber of commerce and said he spoke for the people. Well his job was to represent the membership of the businesses that belonged to the chamber. At no place does their by laws state that they represent the people. Also Mr Ufkes and his board rewrote their by laws and removed the citizen people that could or would join the chamber from a voting position. I find it strange that he claims to represent the people (also) and has removed them from having any voice. I find this some what questionable as these people always say that the people want this or that. There is never any voting or questions asked to the majority of the people involved. Good Luck.l

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