‘Rat City Art City’ Walk is Tonight!

The first-ever ‘Rat City Art City’ walk is tonight – Thursday, March 14 – from 6 – 9 p.m. at the following locations:

Big Al Brewing (9832 14th Ave SW)
Don DeLeva : Painter

“Don DeLeva is an American born portrait / landscape painter known for his angular compositions and collage like imagery. His vision and approach to art is based in automatic thought and the ability of the mind to create its own reality. Don DeLeva uses visual textures and impasto applied paint to suggest light, shape and image. He uses these qualities to portray a mood of changing thought and discovery in his work. DeLeva’s imagery lends itself to a viewer’s personal interpretation reminiscent of Salvador Dali or Frances Bacon.”

Center Studio (9611 16th Ave SW)
Julie Maxham : Photographer

“I have long been influenced by the paintings of Edward Hopper and his tense relationship between the beauty and desolation of open spaces. In my photography, I strive to carry that narrative of beautiful loneliness forward. I have always been drawn to simple, clean lines but am I forever conscious of the feeling of emptiness that accompanies them. My intention is to depict a world that is both instantly familiar and strangely alien.”

Company (9608 16th Ave SW)
Mark O’Connell : Painter

“The human face has always been a constant source of inspiration to me. Just a pretty face is not what makes me want to paint. I am fascinated by the cultural, emotional or the unusual in people and what they can offer. It is my goal to reveal more than just what you see on the surface. “

Dubsea Coffee (9910 8th Ave SW)
Michael Harrison : Sculptor

“Michael’s works are heavily influenced by the forces of nature. As a Seattleite who grew up in Kansas (spending considerable time in basements riding out tornadoes) the power of the physical world is evident in the big, thoughtful works he creates. Collected by public and private patrons, Michael’s pieces always compel the viewer to spend more time getting to know them.”

Full Tilt (9629 16th Avenue SW)

GnuOrganics (9988 15th Ave SW, Ste G)
Mellorama : Painter

“My desire in painting is to create a feeling that you may have forgotten during the day, be it fear or excitement, pleasure or something unknown”

Michael Church : Glass Artist

“Michael Church, the man behind the glass and metal of Blown Glass Platters, started blowing glass & forming steel in Seattle in 1996 at Pratt Fine Arts Center. After learning his craft he was offered a position with Dale Chihuly’s glass team, and then with Martin Blank, one of Chihuly’s head glassblowers who went on to form his own studio team to pursue his work.”

Daniel Mohr : Painter

Visually stunning acrylic works on canvas

Herban Legends (9169 16th Ave SW)
Joseph Brooks : Painter / Illustrator

“I love the process of making stuff with my hands. I really like creating a new style or a new way of working with materials that I normally wouldn’t use for a certain application. I make things I guess because it is my way of understanding this life. As long as I can remember I was always drawing. There is nothing like the way I feel after finishing something new. Some times the feeling is more prominent than others but it always makes me feel good, like I left something of me behind. It’s more than esthetics, because even pieces I don’t like as much still have something of myself in them.”

King County Sheriff’s Office (9609 16 Av SW)
Students of Evergreen High School- Ceramics, Paintings and Photos- A collection of varied works from the students of Evergreen High School.

Luso Food & Wine (9614 16th Ave SW)
Starting April 2013

Mago Signs (10032 16th Ave SW)
Starting April 2013

Meanders (9635 16th Ave SW)
Shaun Doll : Encaustics

“The founder of Northwest Encaustic. His work has been primarily in encaustic paint and print arts. Shaun teaches printmaking and encaustic painting at Pratt Fine Arts Center and Northwest Encaustic. His current encaustic work occupies the intersection of print arts and encaustic painting. His print work can be seen in various group shows in the Seattle area.”

Proletariat Pizza/ Caffe Delia (9622-A 16th Ave SW)
Jesse Link : Painter

“…After returning from the war in 2006, Jesse moved to a post Katrina New Orleans to help with the rebuilding effort. He formed a small construction company and in his free time began to paint. Soon after, he was showing in the French Quarter and various venues around town. In late 2007 Jesse picked up, once again, and moved to Seattle Wa. to focus on his career as a visual artist. His first Seattle show was in August 2007 at “Bauhaus Books and Coffee” on Capitol Hill. He has since become an active member of the Seattle Arts community.”

Salvadorean Bakery (1719 SW Roxbury St)

Southgate Roller Rink (9646 17th Ave SW)
Brandon Baker *Narboo : Painter / Illustrator

“I have to draw every day or I would go crazy. I always have a sketchbook and camera with me because inspiration is everywhere. I have an art studio, Full Circle, with some artist friends in the Greenwood Collective, where we have a show every second Friday of each month.”

Zippy’s Giant Burgers (9614 14th Ave SW)
Dave Bloomfield *Starheadboy : Painter / Illustrator

Starheadboy’s characters are straight from the forest of the PNW as well as the forest of Dave Bloomfield’s mind. Unicorn Burrito and Zen Squirrel are just a sampling of the amazing creatures surrounding this prolific and friendly artist. Hug it Out! Yip! Yip!

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