Shorewood Manhunt Suspect Captured Dumpster Diving Behind Apartment

The wanted man seen above – Alan Polevia, who was the target of an unsuccessful manhunt near Shorewood Christian School March 5 – was captured last Friday, March 22, rummaging through a dumpster behind a building at the Heights at Burien apartment complex.

Police say that at approximately 11:18 p.m. they received an anonymous tip about a man diving in a dumpster.

Deputies responded to the call ordered the male out.

After verbally identifying himself as ALEX Polevia, the male was correclty identified by officers as Alan Polevia by using an IRIS photo and tattoo descriptions.

Deputies placed Polevia in handcuffs and advised him that he was under arrest for a warrant.

Polevia told deputies that he knew about the warrant and apologized for lying about his name.

He was booked into the SCORE Jail in Des Moines.

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