PHOTO: US Bank Presents $5,000 Check to Navos ‘Drug-Free Youth Coalition’


On the left above is John Hannahs, Branch Manager for US Bank in White Center, on the right is Dusty Bailey, US Bank Downtown Seattle District Manager, presenting one of those really cool over-sized checks (for $5,000!) to Rudy Garza, Navos Drug-Free Youth Coalition Coordinator.

The presentation happened Wednesday afternoon at the Navos campus in Burien (1210 SW 136th Street), just after a training session for members of the coalition from throughout the state on Positive Community Norms.

Last July, Navos received a King County grant to create a community-based coalition for drug free youth in the Burien/White Center communities, with Garza hired to lead it.

“Navos has been responding to the needs of people with mental illness in King County for over 40-years,” reads an announcement. “Its services are targeted to those who live at or near poverty, often as a result of their mental illness. The mission of Navos is to improve the quality of life of people vulnerable to mental illness by providing a broad continuum of care.”

For more information on Navos and all they do for the community, visit


One Response to “PHOTO: US Bank Presents $5,000 Check to Navos ‘Drug-Free Youth Coalition’”
  1. adr says:

    …don’t forget the impact on our community and OUR lives with those who are dangerous….poverty does not mean you are mentally ill unless there are other issues, which I probably are, such as released from prison?

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