Here’s the Lineup for Thursday Night’s Rat City Art City Art Walk

Here’s the lineup for this month’s RatCity ArtCity April Art Walk, which now happens on Thursday nights – in this instance on April 11th, from 6-9pm:

Big Al Brewing (9832 14th Ave SW): Ethan Jack Harrington “He was born. He painted.”
For those of you that may be familiar, his work was displayed at The Whiskey Bar in Belltown for many moons. Girls, Guns and Booze. I fondly miss those pieces. Come see what he’s drummed up this year!

Center Studio (9611 16th Ave SW): Scott Forland- Paintings and Drawings.
“I earn a living as an information scientist, but I spend much of my “spare” time on art. Over the years, I have dabbled in music and creative writing, but I always come back to painting and drawing. Currently, I am interested in the technologies we use to reproduce images and the ways I can leverage these technologies to create paintings that are abstract in detail but representational as a whole. I want my work to be interesting, beautiful, and fun. Some of my favorite visual artists include Chuck Close, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Marcel Duchamp.”

Company (9608 16th Ave SW): Dean Palmerton- Oil on Canvas: Bold line, vibrantly colored paintings that cover a wide range of subjects. My personal favorite is the Octopus emerging from the toilet. Definitely worth a viewing.

Dubsea Coffee (9910 8th Ave SW)

Full Tilt (9629 16th Avenue SW)

New Start High School Students- Photography
Adventures in Our Own Schoolyard
These pictures are all original works of art from New Start High School photography students. Students are limited to taking pictures around our school and during field trips. They have to use their imagination to find opportunity in these limitations, but they constantly inspire us with their unique compositions.

All prints are for sale, un-framed, for $25. All money goes directly to the student!

GnuOrganics (9988 15th Ave SW, Ste G):Stina Stiletto- Paintings;; Swirly art that keeps your eye dancing.

Michael Church – Glass Artist;
“Michael Church, the man behind the glass and metal of Blown Glass Platters, started blowing glass & forming steel in Seattle in 1996 at Pratt Fine Arts Center. After learning his craft he was offered a position with Dale Chihuly’s glass team, and then with Martin Blank, one of Chihuly’s head glassblowers who went on to form his own studio team to pursue his work.”

Daniel Mohr – New Paintings;; Visually stunning acrylic works on canvas

Devrim Ozkan- Gouache on Panel;
“Devrim Ozkan is a West Seattle based artist that was raised splitting her time between the deserts of Las Vegas, Nevada and multiple cities along the Western coasts of Turkey. After graduating from the University of Washington’s Art department she decided to make Seattle her home.

Devrim believes that her art is a mixture of her past, present and future. She attributes much of the organic nature of her work to the Arabesque designs of the Middle East as well as the vast emptiness of the Great Basin. Recently, she has recognized a growing interest for abstracted landscapes.

A gypsy at heart, Devrim is known for moving, her chaotic last-minute adventures, and inappropriate humor. She uses paint & ink as a means for translating her internal chaos into a language she can understand and a form she can appreciate.”

Stacy Schonhardt- Photography;
Wide range of photography and paintings. Stop by to find out what goodies she brought by.

Guy Lundenmuth;

“Born on the East Coast, now residing near Seattle, Washington. I am a self taught artist. Painting has been a type of meditation for me throughout my years. New work will be forthcoming. ”

Herban Legends (9169 16th Ave SW):Joseph Brooks – Painting, Drawing, Coloring;
I love the process of making stuff with my hands. I really like creating a new style or a new way of working with materials that I normally wouldn’t use for a certain application. I make things I guess because it is my way of understanding this life. As long as I can remember I was always drawing. There is nothing like the way I feel after finishing something new. Some times the feeling is more prominent than others but it always makes me feel good, like I left something of me behind. It’s more than esthetics, because even pieces I don’t like as much still have something of myself in them.

King County Sheriff’s Office (9609 16 Av SW): Photography by Sarah Cliff-Robertson’s Students, HS3 Evergreen Campus
A variety of arts will be displayed from the Evergreen High School Health/Science Department. Stop by and show your support.

Luso Food & Wine (9614 16th Ave SW)

Mago Signs (10032 16th Ave SW)

Meanders (9635 16th Ave SW)

Proletariat Pizza/ Caffe Delia (9622-A 16th Ave SW): F.D. Brand- Watercolors; “F.D. Brand was born in Oklahoma in 1950. He was raised in Tri-Cities, Washington and raised his family there as well. He recently retired and moved to West Seattle to be closer to family. He enjoys the cultural events available in Seattle and spending time with his grand children. His art motto-All the greats got their inspiration from God, the rest of us get it from the greats.”

Salvadorean Bakery (1719 SW Roxbury St)-Specials for Art Walk!
Two Pupusas for $3.95- If you haven’t had these yet, do yourself a favor and start eating!

Jalapeno Roll Special-Homemade roll filled with jalapeno, egg and cheese– Deeeelicioussss

Southgate Roller Rink (9646 17th Ave SW)- coming soon

Zippy’s Giant Burgers (9614 14th Ave SW):Rebeca Cohen -Acrylic on Canvas;
Rebecca Cohen is a local artist with a lifelong passion for color and texture. As a teenager she tie-dyed t-shirts and sold them at Grateful Dead shows. She studied ceramics at Alfred University and earned her BFA in Fiber Arts from the University of Washington. This body of work showcases her love of the tactile, and you are invited to touch the artwork.

These pieces are made by layering acrylic paint and gel on rag paper and stretched canvas, then cutting the paper out and assembling the compositions on the canvas. The designs are improvisational; Rebecca delights in playful spontaneity.

In addition to painting Rebecca dyes and paints silk scarves, weaves, gardens and is a performing songwriter and singing teacher.

Please Touch the Art!


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  1. boy says:

    When are we going to stop using the term ratcity? It’s not hip anymore. We need to keep it Whitecenter . The name of mister White the founder.

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