White Center Artist’s work now on display at Burien Town Square

White Center Artist Marianne Maksirisombat’s original art is now on display at the northeast corner retail space at Burien Town Square (SW 151st and 5th Place SW; map below) through the last week of June.

Marianne was born in Montana and moved to Seattle as a young child. Growing up around the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest, she honed her artistic talents from a young age. Today, her work is a colorful journey through the abstract. Her unmistakable style, consisting of vivid colors and evocative form combinations, must be seen in person, as each piece interacts with the surroundings of the viewer.

She founded the Ballard Art Church (since closed) in 2009, which served as a community arts center, a studio for photo shoots, and hosted painting classes, fashion shows and many other atypical community events. It also served as her home, studio and gallery, displaying her large body of work – traditional acrylic on canvas, three dimensional canvas and three dimensional formed steel constructions.

Maksirisombat continues to create and display her work in various mediums with regular art openings around the Seattle area, art installations, trash fashion shows and commissioned pieces.

An opening reception, in conjunction with the B-Town BEAT, will be held on June 6th from 6 ā€“ 9 p.m.

Website: http://missmarianne.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Marianne-Maksirisombat/48143856633

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One Response to “White Center Artist’s work now on display at Burien Town Square”
  1. J says:

    Correction: Artist is from South Delridge, not WC.

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