Here’s what the police activity was near White Center recently

Several Readers alerted us to major police activity – including the Guardian One helicopter – near White Center Wednesday afternoon (July 24), and according to Sgt. Cindi West of the King County Sheriff’s Office, it was all related to the pursuit of burglars in the 10700 block of 4th Ave South (map below).

“We received a call of a suspicious circumstance early afternoon at a house,” West told us. “A neighbor called and said a car was backed in near the house and there were people loading up a car with items from the house.”

West added that a detective in an unmarked car arrived and watched the situation unfold. He saw a few young men leaving the house carrying guns and what looked like a pillow case full of items. The detective followed the car as it left until a marked unit arrived. When the suspects saw the marked unit, four of the five occupants of the car jumped out as the car was still moving in the block of 4th Ave South.

One suspect was apprehended in the car and two more were caught in the area a short time later.

However two suspects were still outstanding – that is until around 3 p.m. when a resident saw a suspect in his backyard in the 11800 block of 4th Ave South.

“The subject fit the description of one of our missing suspects,” West added. “We arrived and when the suspect saw us he ran. He was apprehended and was positively identified by the detective who witnessed the crime as being one of the burglars.”

Inside the suspect car were numerous firearms and other property that was stolen from the home.

“The victim had a really nice safe, but it appears as though he may have inadvertently left it unlocked,” West said.

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