Final ‘Taco Friday’ coming to Steve Cox Park this Friday afternoon

It’s Taco Friday again!

Actually, it’ll be the final one this Friday, Aug. 9 – starting at Noon – to the White Center Community, with a focus on reaching those who are experiencing homelessness or struggling to make ends meet.

Taco Time Northwest continues to generously provide delicious tacos for the meal, while the outreach is supported by The White Center Homeless Summit community group, The Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, a group of local churches, businesses, and the White Center Chamber of Commerce.

This ‘Second Friday of the Month’ effort continues to average well over 40 participants, serving over 100 tacos during the 90 minute event.

White Center business owners are encouraged to send people our way and let them know about the free lunch this Friday.

Free lunch will be provided across the street from Steve Cox Park (1327 SW 102nd) in front of the Body of Christ Church on Friday August 9th, from 12pm – 1:30pm.


2 Responses to “Final ‘Taco Friday’ coming to Steve Cox Park this Friday afternoon”
  1. adr says:

    ….could you send them on the way to a downtown shelter? CAST YE NOT PEARLS TO SWINE …could we refocus on our neighborhood, helping seniors, disabled

  2. Mark Ufkes says:


    If you have met any of these folks, you would know that they are disabled in some form. And most tell us that they are members of our neighborhood. As if trying to address this challenge is not “refocusing” Funny how some people see the world. Especially when they do not have to use their real name when they post comments.

    Mark Ufkes
    White Center

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