Recognize this man? He robbed the Key Bank in White Center

The King County Sheriff’s Office wants our Readers to be on the lookout for this man, who they say robbed the Key Bank on 17th Ave SW in White Center (map below) Friday just before 3 p.m. (click images to see larger versions):




Employees said that a white male entered the bank, passed a note and implied a weapon (not seen) and fled with an undisclosed amount of money.

He is described as a white male, 40’s, wearing a blue shirt and jeans., and was last seen eastbound on 98th Ave SW.

If you see the man pictured please call 911.

“Tell your readers if one of them spots him and calls in, I will treat them to coffee!” she added.

Here’s an Animated Gif of the man from the surveillance photos:


View Larger Map


3 Responses to “Recognize this man? He robbed the Key Bank in White Center”
  1. MizElana says:

    Wow – pretty ballsy, just walk on in with no mask or anything to change your appearance.

  2. Johnny Boy says:

    I could have sworn he was wearing a mask. Oh well, yeah, pretty ballsy then.

  3. Cyndi U says:

    He looks older than 40’s to me. Anyone else?

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