MISSING: ‘Bandit,’ a one-eyed Shiba Inu dog last seen near 4th SW & SW 108th

WCB Reader Chanda Mak wants everyone to be on the lookout for ‘Bandit,’ her one-eye Shiba Inu dog which escaped from a neighbor’s yard Tuesday (Sept. 3) after 12:30 p.m. near 4th Ave SW and SW 108th in White Center.

“She has one good right eye,” Chanda said. “Her left was removed due to glaucoma. She’s a medium sized dog; about 27 pounds. And she has black and white fur with brown accents on her ankles. She was wearing a green collar with a dog tag, but unfortunately we had failed to update her tag to a current working number. Her tag is inscribed with Bandit Nguyen. We would appreciate any word, and would like her to return home.”

If you’ve seen ‘Bandit,’ please call 206-854-8620.


One Response to “MISSING: ‘Bandit,’ a one-eyed Shiba Inu dog last seen near 4th SW & SW 108th”
  1. jessica geiger says:

    Maybe about 2 weeks ago, seen a dog roaming by old Bernie and Boys lot (1st Ave. and 112th St). Looks like your dog. . Hope you find Bandit. . .sorry, not much help. I was walking my small dog and wasn’t sure if dog was friendly.

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