White Center Salvation Army offering free self-defense classes

The Salvation Army Seattle White Center is offering FREE Indo-Kungfu classes known as Dara Dan Api Bela Diri or Blood and Fire Martial Arts.

This character building course not only shows self defense techniques, but it also has character building components to it that can shape young lives.

The concepts behind this martial art was born in Indonesia and has a history that is traced as early as 200 AD. The movements have been modernized to fit the American landscape, but it still has a unique Indonesian flavor. The philosophy is not from Lao-Tzu or any ancient philosophers, as the motto for the class is Matthew 5:9 “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called the sons of God.”

All members of the White Center area are invited to attend a class on Friday nights from 4-5:30. Some schools charge as much as $150 a month for a class based on this art, The Salvation Army is offering it free. Drop by 9050 16th Ave SW Seattle WA 98106 or call 206-767-3150 Ext 109, and ask for Louiz.

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