STOLEN: Blue 2010 Infiniti car from home in Shorewood neighborhood

From our sister site The B-Town Blog:

Tuan Tran reports that his blue Infiniti G37x was stolen from his Shorewood-area home sometime between Oct. 20 and Oct. 21:


“The burglars broke into our home, stole several purses, watches, jewelry then took off with our car,” he said. “Our house is located near Shorewood. I would like to offer a $1000 reward for recovery.”

The stolen vehicle is a slate blue 2010 Infiniti G37x, with Washington license plate 144-ZWO.

“It actually should be easy to identify because most infiniti’s do not have premium wheels,” he added. “Also ours is a G37x, which is really uncommon.”

The case number is 13-247938, and Detective John Hawkins and Sheriff Patrick McCurdy are on the case.

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