Local Girl Scouts donate 180 pounds of cookies to White Center Food Bank

The cookie selling season may be over, but that does not mean cookie-related work is done for one local Girl Scout Troop, who spent time Monday night (March 24) donating 180 pounds of the goodies to the White Center Food Bank.

Troop #42263 had seven young ladies, ages 8-12, selling cookies this year. Collectively they sold over 7100 boxes of cookies, which included an impressive 296 boxes in donations for the food bank.

If you do the cookie math, that is almost $1200 collected in 17 days!

While many Scouts collect donations for the popular “Operation Cookie Drop,” this troop learned the program was so successful that cookies were actually going to waste instead of being enjoyed. That did not sit well with the girls, who decided to actively collect for their local food bank instead.

A parent of one of the girls shared how he knew of stale cookies being ‘dumped’ at local bases, which provided a great treat for the local birds instead of the soldiers they were intended for.

“That is not right to spend money on cookies to feed the birds,” said one Girl Scout. “There are hungry people here we could help instead.”

And so the idea of helping less fortunate neighbors was born.

“I am kinda glad people who do not have money are getting food here,” another Girl Scout added. “Now they can focus on something else to help them do better.”

Here are some photos of the girls:





2 Responses to “Local Girl Scouts donate 180 pounds of cookies to White Center Food Bank”
  1. DAISY says:

    ..better use to our troops who sacrifice their life, highly doubt this parent is credible, and was not at base.

  2. David says:

    Actually, the fact that cookies are dumped every year is a sad truth. It is great that so many people donate money to operation cookie drop but it also means that they end up with more cookies than they can send to the troops. Many girl scout troops decide on other local charities to give the cookies to. In the past our girls have donated to battered women’s shelters, retirement centers, and Children’s Hospital. Many people passing by also donate money to the girl’s directly and the girls usually decide to put this money into the funds for local charities like the food bank.
    The troops still get the majority of the donations and believe me, they will enjoy them!

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