Middle School students will pick up trash at Lakewood Park Friday

Students from Cascade Middle School will be picking up trash this Friday at Lakewood Park, located next to the school at 11212 10th Ave SW in White Center.

This is a group effort involving Prevention Team, Cascade Middle School, the Coalition for Drug-Free Youth – North Highline/White Center and White Center Kiwanis International.

The trash pick-up campaign is the brainchild of a Cascade 7th grader, one of the 67% of students at Cascade Middle School identified as “walkers” who are students that regularly walk to and from school. The idea behind the campaign is that students walking through Lakewood Park on a daily basis want to create and promote a cleaner environment to promote greater community pride. Currently, the park is often littered with empty containers of alcohol, cigarette butts, food waste and other trash.

The Prevention Team is the student segment of the Coalition for Drug-Free Youth, a community-based organization working to provide positive alternatives to tobacco, drug and alcohol use by youth. The Coalition receives funding support from the King County Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Program, the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, and Navos. The White Center Kiwanis is also supporting the student project as part of its philosophy of helping youth in any way they can.

Another Positive Norms Practices promoted by the Prevention Team is a poster campaign, with student-designed posters to be distributed on-campus, in the park and to be displayed in the park and in businesses throughout the White Center community. The Coalition also created “My Passion Keeps Me Above the Influence” bookmarks featuring Prevention Team members and identifying the positive activities they enjoy, such as kick boxing and art. The bookmarks have been distributed throughout the school and in the community.

The Prevention Team at Cascade Middle School is conducting drug and alcohol prevention projects to promote pride in school and community through Positive Norms Practices.


One Response to “Middle School students will pick up trash at Lakewood Park Friday”
  1. Scott Davis says:

    Just want to give a “well done” to the large group of Cascade Middle School students that enthusiastically worked Friday afternoon to pick up trash at Lakewood Park. They did a great job and had fun in the process.
    Thanks to them and also the adults who helped make it a successful event.
    Scott Davis
    White Center Kiwanis

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