Bethel House Women’s Ministry seeking help for women in White Center

Bethel House Women’s Ministry, a non-profit faith based outreach program located in White Center, is seeking the public’s help to assist woman in need in our community.

“We believe women, whether homeless or living with an addiction are most vulnerable,” they said. “Our program offers housing, food, and spiritual nourishment. Ladies range from teens to seniors and come from all areas of Washington State.”

Bethel House rescues human trafficking victims, prostitution and domestic violence victims, and pick up women from detox facilities, under bridges, in alley’s, etc.

“There currently is a high demand for beds for women,” they added. “These women come to us with nothing but the clothes on their backs.”

Here’s more from an announcement:


WHO ARE WE: Bethel House Women’s Ministry, White Center, a Non-profit faith based outreach program.

This ministry provides housing, food, and clothing on a daily basis. Crisis intervention to low income populations, lunch daily to homeless, provide services to special populations, counseling and intervention. We transport women to DSHS, CPS, classes, grocery shopping, court and doctor appts., work blessings and outreach for the homeless.

We pick up donations, we transport for work community blessings, helping the elderly or disabled with yard work. We do community outreach with home cooked chilli, breads, sandwiches, fruits, bottled water and fresh veggies. We hand out blankets, sweaters, socks, coats, shoes, etc. We provide furniture and household goods to families and individuals who are transitioning from homelessness to permanent housing.

We currently have 40 plus women in the program. These women have no income and/or are below poverty levels. We are in desperate need of funding and vehicles to continue helping our community. We do not receive any funds from any government agency. Please make it possible for these women to establish a safe and secure new household, while also helping restore their dignity and self sufficiency.

Your assistance will help the lives of hurting women, kids, and families. Many are “hopeless” situations: the high school drop out, the kid in jail, the neglected child, the friendless, the broken.

Everyone who works for this Ministry is a volunteer. We have a passion to do much more but we have limited funds.

The following are possible ways to help us get women and children off the streets:

  • Provide vehicle/s to transport ladies to appointments
  • Monthly gas cards… $50-100
  • Monthly pledge for utilities, maintenance, etc.
  • Sponsor a house ($500.00 monthly)
  • Dollars for Outreach to feed the homeless
  • Work blessings
  • One time donation
  • Bus or Light rail passes

If you have furniture, clothing, household good, etc. for a donation please contact Mark at 206-788-5378.

If you know someone who is homeless or dealing with addiction contact Karen at 206-300-6373.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Kathy at 206-963-6177 (cell) or Body of Christ Church, Bethel House Ministry, 1320 SW 102nd, Seattle (White Center), WA 98146, call 206-767-5555 or email at [email protected]


One Response to “Bethel House Women’s Ministry seeking help for women in White Center”
  1. DAISY says:

    good hearted effort, but our family community should not be a magnet for addictions and prostitution, we are already burdened and stigmatized to attract the criminal intent, and this population would be better served with King County Services/Downtown Services. I hope this is not an effort to get WCCDA “funding” by invoking “poor, minority; low income” etc.

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