Interested in a ‘Bike Corral’ in White Center? Attend this meeting Aug. 26

From the Proletariat Facebook page comes this news of a community meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 26 about a possible ‘Bike Corral’ in White Center:

A couple of Proletariat customers have been busting their asses to secure a grant to build a bike corral on 16th in downtown White Center. Bike parking=good, right? Unfortunately many business owners in White Center are against the bike corral and have been speaking louder than the supporters on this issue. Please join @Proletariat Pizza and Caffè Delia at a community meeting on Tuesday August 26th at 6:30pm at the Sheriff Storefront across the street. Please send any letter of support to sokha (at) wcccda (dot) org as well as bong (dot) stodomingo (at) kingcounty (dot) gov

It’s unfortunate to see such resistance against something so positive for our community, when other neighborhoods are embracing this so wholeheartedly. We know many of you are biking families, and many of you are bike-parking supporters. We hope to see you there. Thank you.


One Response to “Interested in a ‘Bike Corral’ in White Center? Attend this meeting Aug. 26”
  1. DAISY says:

    This is a great idea, the angled parking takes away from bikes accessibility. Wish we could make that strip of road a bike/pedistrian access, like downtown.

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