Help immigration integration in White Center by taking this survey

From Mina Amin, Program Director at the Greenbridge Learning Center comes this request:

Please help immigrant integration in White Center by taking this survey on behalf of White Center Promise and member organizations of the White Center Network for Integrating New Americans (NINA). NINA is an initiative that aims to advance immigrants’ economic, linguistic and civic integration in White Center.

You are receiving this email because your organization, institution, or business serves the residents of White Center. The purpose of the survey is to create a conceptual network map to better understand the working relationships between and among organizations, institutions, and local businesses serving immigrant and refugee populations in White Center. We would like to know how your organization is working with others in the area. Please help us by taking the survey linked below.

This two-part survey consists of seven questions and should take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Please answer all seven questions to help us collect the requisite data. We will be sharing the network map resulting from this survey on the White Center Promise website once the results are analyzed. The survey will remain open until April 12th.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
Mina Amin
Program Director
Greenbridge Learning Center
South King County Employment Services

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