PODCAST: Shooting has police puzzled, new baseball team, pub mural & more

Here’s episode #3 of our SoKing News Podcast, which is sponsored by a generous grant from J-Lab’s Encore Media Entrepreneurs program, supported with funding from the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation and the Nicholas B. Ottaway Foundation:


2 Responses to “PODCAST: Shooting has police puzzled, new baseball team, pub mural & more”
  1. Dee says:

    I’m not able to figure out how to access articles. I’m delighted that you have a sponsored website, but find it confusing.

    • White Center Blog staff says:

      Hi Dee,
      This is a note about the podcast digest of the week’s top stories from all the blogs in our network. The podcast is an audio file. Just click on the little arrow in the center of the big picture and the radio newscast will start. It is quite short but gives the essential information. for each of the stories mentioned. You can visit the applicable blog to read the full stories.

      Thanks for reading… and now you can listen too!

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