The 2015 White Center Jubilee Days opens this Saturday, July 11


The 2015 White Center Jubilee Days opens this Saturday, July 11, and continues through July 19 between SW Roxbury Street and SW 112th Street on 16th Ave SW and 17th Ave SW.

This is a FREE all-ages, outdoor festival packed with live music, food, kids activities, fireworks and fun!

Highlights include:


  • 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.: Garden Tour Map will be posted or is available at McLendon’s.


  • Carnival opens at Steve Cox Memorial Park
  • Fireworks! at dusk.


  • 11 a.m.: Car Show
  • Street Fair with local food, craft and art vendors
  • Kids Center
  • Carnival
  • Beer Garden

Main Stage Bands:

  • 12:00: DJ T-Top
  • 1:30: Tuck Foster and the Mossrites @tuckfosterandthemossrites
  • 4:45: The Black Chevy’s The Black Chevys
  • 7:15: The Salaem Band
  • 8:30: The EriAm Sisters
  • 9:30: Priest

Family Stage:

  • 11:00: Mr Mario
  • 12:00: Rob Stuverud
  • 1:00: Scott Sparling Giggleworks
  • 1:30: BT Rhythm
  • 2:00: Fred the Juggler
  • 2:30: Louie Foxx Louie Foxx
  • 3:00: Rob Stuverud
  • 3:30: Hard Days Night Beatles Band
  • 4:30: Scott Sparling Giggleworks
  • 5:00: Fred the Juggler
  • 6:00: Louie Foxx BT Rhythm


  • 7:30AM-1:00PM: Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast at Holy Family School (19th and Roxbury) $7. Children under 5 are free.
  • 11:00AM: Parade
  • Street Fair with local food, craft and art vendors
  • Kids Center
  • Carnival
  • Beer Garden

Main Stage Bands:

  • 11:00: DJ T-Top
  • 12:15: Ian McFeron
  • 1:30: Dead Letter
  • 2:45-5:00: Rat City Rocks! Local White Center Band Showcase:
    • Princess Princess
    • Twisting Fate Twisting Fate
    • Pig Snout Pig Snout
  • 5:30: HELL’S BELLES (All female AC/DC band)

Family Stage:

  • 12:00: Reptile Man
  • 1:30: Deano
  • 2:30: Ballet Folklorico Citlali
  • 3:00: BT Rhythm and the Mr. Mario Show
  • 3:30: Auburn Dance and Music Center
  • 4:00: Deano
  • 5:00: Aubun Dance and Music Center
  • 6:00: The Mr. Mario Show

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3 Responses to “The 2015 White Center Jubilee Days opens this Saturday, July 11”
  1. David says:

    White Center Jubilee days needs to step up the game. It isnt what it used to be. Too many Christian booths Realtors and Chiropractic business things. Hardly any good food booths or crafts now.

  2. Sally says:

    As a person who lives a few blocks from the main stage, I do not like being kept up until midnight having to hear the loud music I think it was on Friday or Saturday, every year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The music does not need to be that loud, turn it down and think of people who live around the area who are trying to sleep and are old, sick, babies, children, and people who need to get up to go to work to earn a living. I know it is only one day out of the year but this is not being very neighborly at all (to me)!!!!!!

    The Street fair really had only a handful of booths and I am not sure what is the point of even having a street fair anymore at all. Maybe the street fair should take place in the parking lot of playground at the local grade school down the street. Many many many years ago when White Center had the street fair on the street on the dollar store they had a lot more booths.

    With all of the different ethnic groups living in White Center, I really do not understand why they are not in the parades showing off who they are.

    Having the White Center Parade the day after the West Seattle Parade for the past few years is a really bad idea. The White Center Parade is not much of a parade at all. And you had to wait about 5 minutes until more people walked by. Need better timing with people who are walking.
    I did like the dancing horses and the septic tank guys!!!!
    Where was Ronald McDonald?????

  3. BlairJ says:

    The music at the main stage on Sunday afternoon was a good start!

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