‘Reward and Reminder’ program tests White Center tobacco-selling businesses


This Certificate from the Coalition for Drug-Free Youth was given out to White Center businesses which did *not* sell tobacco to underage youths.

‘Reward and Reminder’ is a project undertaken by the Coalition for Drug-Free Youth, in conjunction with King County Alcohol and Other Drug Programs and the King County Tobacco Prevention Program, designed to gauge if local retailers who sell tobacco products are adhering to laws regarding selling tobacco items to underage customers.

The first stage of the project involved high school students, together with an adult mentor, visiting retail outlets to see if they were showing tobacco use warning labels. In all cases, retailers either showed the labels and/or requested updated versions.

The second phase involved a team of high school students from Highline High School, again together with an adult mentor, visiting the 21-retail stores in White Center who sell tobacco products and attempting to purchase a pack of cigarettes. The high school student entered the store and asked to purchase cigarettes. If the retailer asked for ID and refused to sell to the student, the student would leave and return with an adult mentor. The mentor then explained to the retailer what they were doing, thanked them for adhering to the law, gave them a certificate of thanks and a Starbucks gift card to the cashier who handled the transaction.

If a retailer did not ask for ID, the student would “change their mind” and leave the store. The adult mentor would then enter the store, explain to the cashier what had just happened and that this was part of a community survey, assured them they would not be reported to the Liquor Control Board, but reminded them to check for ID’s in the future.

“Of the 21-stores surveyed, only one store failed to ask for ID, a great reflection on the community and retailers who sell tobacco products,” said Rudy Garza, Coalition Coordinator.


One Response to “‘Reward and Reminder’ program tests White Center tobacco-selling businesses”
  1. Mark Ufkes says:

    This is a great program; impressive. This helps the businesses understand their responsibility and shows the kids that they can make a difference in the community. Very good work.

    Mark Ufkes

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