Citizen’s arrest in White Center lands ‘most wanted’ rapist Demarcus Linwood


The King County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that a citizen’s arrest Friday morning in White Center landed ‘most wanted’ fugitive rapist Demarcus Linwood in jail.

Police say that Linwood, 24, is a ‘Level 3’ sex offender, which is considered the worst.

Linwood apparently failed to register as a Sex Offender, and was granted permission to attend a funeral – but he disappeared instead.

He’s already been convicted of raping two girls. Police allege that Linwood befriends teen girls on the bus or around town, gains their trust, then beats and rapes them.

Linwood faces 43 months in jail for failing to register as a sex offender, as well as another 43 months for his previous charge.


One Response to “Citizen’s arrest in White Center lands ‘most wanted’ rapist Demarcus Linwood”
  1. wondering says:

    Less than 4 years for nearly ruining two girls’ lives. What a shame! That doesn’t speak too well of how much our society values women. A life sentence would have been too little.

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