LOST: Have you seen ‘Molly’? Dog has been missing since Sept. 28

‘Molly’ the dog is still missing – here’s an update from her owners Jim and Donna McKenna:


My wife and I live in Auburn. Our little Molly jumped out of the car at the Coronado Apts. in White Center on Sept 28th. She got scared and ran. Strangers chased her and she panicked. Two weeks later Paws /Care of Burien tried on the 9 and 10 to catch her at 126th SW and 4th Ave. SW. Since then Molly has been traveling South and Some-what East. Her last unconfirmed sighting was at 136th and 8th Ave South! She is across the freeway.

My wife and I are up there every day. Walking the neighborhood, driving all around, putting up flyers. We spend from ten A.M. till sometimes as late as eight P.M. Walking, calling, putting up flyers, looking for Molly. But we can’t keep up with her. Twice the person didn’t see the flyer till after they saw Molly. The last sighting was on Oct. 19 but the lady didn’t see a flyer till Oct. 23rd.

Molly has been out there all alone for almost a month and is now in the Sea-Tac Area. WE believe she crossed 509 on 136th, but she will never make it across Hwy 99 We need to find her Before she gets there!

Molly is a small dog only 5 lbs. with thin cream and fawn colored fly-away hair. When last seen she was wearing a blue multi-colored sweater and a red vest with service dog patches. Molly will run from strangers.

Please call us if you see her: 253 335 3008

It’s getting towards Winter and cold out there. Molly is so small, and her coat is so thin! Please … help us bring our Molly home!

Thank you
Jim and Donna McKenna

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