Due to the closing of Haggen store, White Center Food Bank is seeking help

The White Center Food Bank is reporting that, due to the closing of a Haggen’s grocery store in Burien, they need more help with donations.

The food bank received a lot of donated food from Haggen, and they are definitely going to feel it when that food isn’t available anymore.

The Haggen store on 1st Ave South and SW 128th is scheduled to close soon.

“Haggen (and Albertson’s before it) was one of our biggest Grocery Rescue stores, and a major source of the meat we hand out to our clients,” they said. “With the closure of our local Haggen store, the food bank is losing that donor, and this is very concerning for the people we serve. The timing is terrible, too: with the holidays upon us, the level of need in our community rises, and we expect record breaking numbers of clients to come through our doors seeking food assistance.”

Organizers at the WCFB are asking people to “please consider giving a financial gift so that we can make up the difference, and so that our clients continue to have access to healthy proteins.”

Financial donations are preferred, as the food bank can make those dollars go further. However, food donations are also accepted.

“Our hearts go out to the local Haggen employees who are losing their jobs: we hope that they land on their feet quickly, but that if they are on tough times they’ll come to the food bank to get help,” they added.

“We are committed to providing hungry people in this community with healthy, high quality food…and this makes it a little harder to do that. We always accept donations, but right now we need them more than ever to make up for this loss. Thank you!”

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