FOLLOWUP: Birds affected by White Center oil spill being cleaned

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Photos courtesy Dept. of Ecology

As we previously reported, an oil spill of around 50-100 gallons that was discovered late Friday afternoon (Nov. 6) in a stormwater retention pond in White Center has affected several birds.

The pond is located near 13th Ave SW and SW 100th Street.

Workers have been closely searching area storm drains for the source of the spill, but have yet to discover any evidence. No additional oil has has been found in the pond since the spill was first reported.

According to Larry Altose, Communications Manager for the Department of Ecology, crews from Focus Wildlife International were able to safely capture 14 oiled birds, including four mallard ducks and 10 Canada geese.

Altose said that workers are trying to capture 20 or so other birds, some of which have moved to other ponds, lakes or fields in the area. No wildlife deaths have been reported.

“When birds contact the oil it coats the feathers so that the animals lose insulation and buoyancy,” Altose said. “Oil damages habitat for other aquatic life, reducing oxygen levels and creating physical impacts on the water surface and shoreline.”

Altose added:

“The birds received initial treatment near the scene in the organization’s special trailer. They were transported for further treatment at the Progressive Animal Welfare Society’s Wildlife Rescue Center in Lynnwood.”


One Response to “FOLLOWUP: Birds affected by White Center oil spill being cleaned”
  1. Ken Gresset says:

    The damage is done, but at least La Mexicana stepped up, said they were responsible and is paying for the cleanup.

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