VIDEO PODCAST: Major drug bust disrupts quiet neighborhood, more

Here’s episode #35 of our SoKing News Podcast Weekly Recap, which is sponsored by a generous grant from J-Lab’s Encore Media Entrepreneurs program, supported with funding from the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation and the Nicholas B. Ottaway Foundation:

Weekly Recap for Jan. 22, 2016: Major drug bust disrupts quiet Gregory Heights neighborhood; man convicted for murdering 96-year old Philip Hamlin in Normandy Park; burglary suspect arrested; video of vehicle theft suspect tracked by police helicopter; Puget Sound Weather Geek forecast & more & more…

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3 Responses to “VIDEO PODCAST: Major drug bust disrupts quiet neighborhood, more”
  1. tess says:

    Any news about the missing 13yr-old? I saw a flier at 116th and Ambaum. Missing since jan 22nd.

  2. iishes says:

    This is so sad . I live about a block away from her.I didn’t ever get the chance to meet her but we always passed each other walking since she always walks everywhere like me. I hope the cops find out how it happened because I’m sure it will be a criminal case because of the house being dug threw they said. Unless she was sick of some sort and ended up passing from that but either way I just pray she wasn’t suffering at all when it happened and however it happened…poor lady! God bless her and her family/friends through this hard time.

    • iishes says:

      Oops I’m sorry this was posted on the wrong news was supposed to be posted Iin the comments on the woman who was found dead in her home for weeks in white center.

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