AUDIO/VIDEO: Raw audio/video from Seattle’s annexation public meeting


Kenny Pittman (pictured above) conducted a public meeting on the City of Seattle’s proposed annexation of White Center at Dubsea Coffee Thursday (March 17), and we’ve got the full, raw audio.

It was a packed house, with well over 50 in attendance.

Pittman presented Seattle’s case for annexing White Center, then took questions from the crowd. He faced some hostility from several residents who clearly don’t want to be annexed, with a few asking numerous questions and oftentimes taking over the meeting (NOTE: we’ll have a full story with more details soon).

Here’s the full, raw audio (click the play button to listen; total running time is 59:10):



With apologies for audio synch issues, here’s the full, raw 59-minute+ video:


37 Responses to “AUDIO/VIDEO: Raw audio/video from Seattle’s annexation public meeting”
  1. Question Authority says:

    After listening to the entire audio recording of the meeting a few things have become blatantly apparent. Sorry I couldn’t attend !
    #1 Next time leave your snot nosed babies at home so the adults can be heard taking.
    #2 Have your arguments researched and validated before you bother wasting the presenters time, and the rest of the crowds.
    #3 Leave your unrealistic dreams of self sufficiency at the door and get a grip on reality, your neighborhood is not a city.
    #4 You OK with the 6AM – 2AM+ drunks outside the Locker Room and the junkies all splayed out one block over 24/7? You all need more services and Seattle will bring them to you, and Rat City out of the Ghetto.

  2. Dale damon says:

    I would rather see white center over to Seattle. Burien is a snob land

    • Chris says:

      “Snob land?” Lol…that’s a good one. In what way is Burien “snobby?”

      Have you been to West Seattle lately?

      Oh, and to save you the suspense, Burien already attempted an annexation in said area, and the voters voted it down. So, your only choices are to join Seattle or more of the same (unincorporated King County wasteland).

  3. Mark J says:

    So long as the conversation is forward looking, to an annexation that (if successful) will commence on Jan 1, 2019 or Jan 1, 2020 then the discussion of all aspects should be similarly forward looking. Minimum compensation is set to be $15/hour in Seattle even for small employers on Jan 1, 2019, rising to $15.75 on Jan 1, 2020. Employees may be paid this compensation in cash, or up to $3.00/hr may be in the form of tips and/or medical benefits.

  4. CC_Rez says:

    I just ran into these short documentary pieces on the changes of local neighborhoods in Seattle (links below) by EHM Productions on YouTube. The question residents need to ask themselves when the annexation vote comes to poll is whether, “Do I want White Center to become the way I want it to become, or do I want White Center to become the way Seattle wants it to become?” Once White Center is approved for annexation, the neighborhood will be at the mercy of the Seattle City Council and hundreds of thousand more voters. As a smaller community, White Center has much more leverage and say so being it on its own.

    • Jimmy says:

      Or do you want go with this one person’s view that has already said on a previous article. That they want to be able to move to the area and not have be part of Seattle this cc_rez lives about 20 minutes from white center in Columbia City. Their idea is they don’t like the changes in Seattle them selves so would everyone just vote no on this just for this one person.That if you come up against them on here or give some ideas on who to contact to actually here there idea in more of a professional way they will come back like your totally against them and there idea. Also I read the one of speakers at this get together said something about that this idea of white center becoming it’s own city was not a option do the tax income amount.There would not be enough money to run as it own.

      If you like to read the whole back and forth nonsense with cc_rez it’s in the comments section on the link below. You can see how now there changing their approach to this idea.Trying to hide their own idea.

  5. CC_Rez says:

    No matter what position you feel about this annexation, it’s very important that you talk among your neighbors, local businesses, and other people in the community. It’s inevitable that this will appear on the ballot some time in the near future, and it’s important to engage in conversation with the community NOW. That means setting up a campaign with volunteer door knockers/information gatherers, door hangers, and agreeing with property owners to post up a sign. Don’t wait until just months before this appears on the ballot. The time is NOW!

  6. Bulla says:

    While I wasn’t able to attend, sorry I missed this meeting but plan on attending the next meeting.
    First, question. What was the last time you saw the City of Seattle lower taxes? My answer to that is NEVER. So how is it that if we are annexed by Seattle, our property taxes will be lowered.
    I moved from a home in Seattle in which my property taxes keep increasing every year.
    Second, the City of Seattle loves to waste taxpayer money frivolously, one prime example is the Pronto Bike program, a program that doesn’t work, hasn’t worked, yet they are willing to spend over a million dollars to purchase pronto to improve it, yet it hasn’t proved to work. That was a huge waste of money.

    • Jimmy says:

      He (Pittman) also declared that property tax would be lower after annexation, and acknowledged that would sound impossible, given the current complaint that people in Seattle are passing tax levies nonstop. The reduction, Pittman suggested, would be because residents would no longer be paying special levies for basic services such as roads, fire, and libraries.

      Also with all the bike lanes Seattle has put in it kinda makes sense for the city to start a bike service. Unfortunately most people that ride bikes already have one for most part. Bike service’s are kind of a new thing that people are not use to so may take time for people to get comfortable with the idea.

      Bulla I would like to ask you do you ride a bike or have you thought of trying the pronto program yourself.

    • CC_Rez says:

      That rainbow crosswalk in Cap Hill, and the red, black, and green crosswalk in the CD costed the City of Seattle $10,000 and $8,000 respectively. Crosswalks that you probably will rarely use, if ever at all. Think of how many meals that could’ve been given to the homeless in Seattle. But the Pronto program, and those crosswalks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to wasteful government spending for the City of Seattle. Stuff like that should’ve have been funded 100% by private entrepreneurs and donors. If you are a long time property owner in the area, you definitely don’t want to swallow the Seattle pill.

    • Top Hatter says:

      Mr Pittman was not wrong when he said we would be paying LESS property taxes if we joined the city. Here in Unincorporated King County we pay a levy rate of 13.11 while Seattle’s collective levy rate is 9.4. So depending on what your home is valued at, you would indeed be getting more services for less money. Why is it ok to tax our area at a higher rate than our supposed wealthy neighbors to the north?
      I take mass transit into downtown everyday. Do you know how frustrating it is for your bus to always be 30 minutes late everyday, on top of the 45 minute commute under normal driving conditions? If we were a part of Seattle, that same bus would increase in frequency every 15 minutes instead of the 30 minutes we all wait now. We live 7 miles from one of the fastest growing cities in the country, and the fact that we still have pockets of inequality like this is really sad.
      This conversation is just getting started, and this is going to pit neighbors against neighbors, and could get real nasty quick. We all need to remember we are all in this together. Annexation or no annexation we all have to continue to do what the people of North Highline have been doing forever; look out for one another. God knows our government doesn’t care.

      • CC_Rez says:

        If this area wants to work together, maybe it’s time to consider incorporating its own city. With a population base of nearly 20,000 and area about 2.5-3 sq mi. It sounds like the making of a city to me. You keep your dollars local, those taxes will be spent locally to improve the area. One drawback on this is that once incorporated, “The City” may come up with much stricter ordinances that would “clean up” the area. That could mean no off street parking, no RVs or junked vehicles parked outside within view. So essentially not as free as being unincorporated King County, but at least tax dollars staying more local to the area. And ultimately more structure in the community. Annexing to Seattle would mean that White Center will be at the mercy of The City of Seattle’s politics and red tape.

        An incorporated White Center (or whatever name is chosen) could vet out a mass transportation strategy with Metro King County. It will come at its own cost. But, at least it’d be in more control of planning its own area, and not the City of Seattle.

        • Jimmy says:

          Mayor Murray responded to the claim Tuesday morning that “most of the cost of this are covered by the fees we charge developers for various street use.” And SDOT confirms that the “work was paid for primarily using Street Use fees, which come from developers using the public right of way.” I generally agree that tax dollars shouldn’t go to projects like this because it’s essentially a form of activism, but in this case, the bulk of the dollars came from Street Use fees; so you should revise your criticisms with that context in mind

          See CC_rez you chose to post just one sentence out of that article to make try to make your point. Why?

          White center does not have enough tax able income to maintain it self as a city as Mr pittman explained.

          Here is a link to cc_rez made on a past article of there real reason why there posting so much misused information

          • CC_Rez says:

            Street use fees come from public funds, that means all of the taxpayers of the City of Seattle. You are also avoiding the fact that the article you submitted also says that the City of Seattle will be maintaining those crosswalks. That also means that will come out of the pockets of tax payers of The City of Seattle. The developers who put money into those crosswalks are also going to pass along those costs to the renters which includes dwellers and shopkeepers.

            Of course Kenny Pittman is going to say that the people of the North Highline area don’t have enough taxable income to sustain itself as a city. After all, he stated in the video that he’s been working on this particular annexation project for over 12 years. It would be a victory under his belt to annex another voter base to the City of Seattle.

            There are many incorporated small cities in large metropolitan areas in North America that have been successful. The fact that White Center is located near major Fortune 500 companies that employs thousands of people in the area, makes it an already desirable area. Having a population of nearly 20,000 is a decent size city in itself for an area that is about 2.5 – 3 sq miles of jurisdiction.

            You can post all the links to previous posts of what I’ve said in the past, as if it will hurt my credibility. I came out clean on my positioning. And look at you and your buddy Question Authority. lol If there is any bigot on these blogs, it’s starting to look like it’s you two. I have been saying great things about the community. You and Question Authority seem to lack the local pride in White Center by doubting its own denizens and calling it a ghetto. And then high fivin and patting each others back with all of your comments. Anyone who’s reading these comments can clearly read in between the lines and your motivations.

  7. Jimmy says:

    Oh really so the street fees collected from developers for using the right of way not tax payers this coming the link you posted cut and pace from this were I posted the whole paragraph instead of one making my side look better. Then you want call me a bigot did I say anything against the homosexual community or the Pan-African community no you are that brought up these issues. Also have you look at what the city of Seattle is doing for the homeless by setting up safer areas for them to park there vehicles and setting up little house’s for them. But you think the city is wrong in making some people in these neighborhoods feel a little more comfortable in there surrounding’s. Also togo back to crosswalks do you know how much it normally cost to maintain a crosswalk it seems as if the tax payers of Seattle might get a break on maintaining these sidewalks for a few years also the city maintains all the crosswalks in the city other than these so a couple of different colors should not really effect cost that much. Then you bring up the pronto program do you know how much exhaust come from one vehicle compare to a bike. Do you realize how much less traffic back ups there when there are less cars on the roads. Do you realize how many health problems are caused by break dust from cars alone. So yes maybe the is costing a little much and seems to be a waste in your eyes. But for me I can see what is doing for the environment and improving people’s health and exercise. So cc_rez you keep posting unture nonsense then attack when see the truth. So now the Editor is going end up closings the comments again where know one will be able to state the truth.

    • CC_Rez says:

      But see, you tried to use your own political spin and demagoguery to try to discredit my comments and make me look like a bigot. Thank you for posting the links to my comments on these blogs so people can see the truth. I never said anything that was derogatory or disrespectful on these blogs to the LGBT or black communities. That’s what you are trying to make this out to be. That’s why I said, the readers of these comments can read in between the lines and your motivation.

      You are now part of the City of Burien as you had said in the last blog. Is one of the big reasons why you want this annexation to take place is to piggy back off City of Seattle services next door to your neighborhood? If the residents of the area want some type of bike service, then any private investor/entrepreneur can step up to the plate. Pronto had a leg in with The City of Seattle, and now The City is considering on bailing them out to save the program. You know what they call that? Crony capitalism. Pronto should have been a program that funded by private money, not taxpayers of the City of Seattle. Now that the Pronto program has failed, the taxpayers now have to absorb that loss on the books.

  8. CC_Rez says:

    Here’s a link to the City of Seattle’s employee database to show how much Kenny Pittman earns a year just to tell unincorporated residents like North Highline that it’s a good idea to annex to the City of Seattle. Keep in mind that he has been employed at this same position for over 13 years.

    Now ask yourself, if you really want to have your tax dollars paying for bureaucrats like Kenny Pittman, and a ton other City of Seattle employees like him.

    • Jimmy says:

      Cc_rez OK so now your accusing me of want to piggy back off of Seattle no I never said anything about that. I even stated I like service’s in burien.

      Now your accusing Mr Pittman of using false information to continue his employment. When the leaders and representative from king county has also agreed with Mr Pittman.

      Now have look at what has been going on with Normandy Park being a city and keeping a police force operating and other services. That is a community that does need a lot work done to fix it up unlike white center.

      But there having issues of going bankrupt as a city. So see CC_rez when you make statments that people can easily find the truth then you end up just discrediting yourself.

      But for most part I am done with arguing with you. Think of this if your right why is know one really agreeing with you. This has became back and forth non sense were feel need to make bogus comments like me being friends with QofA or using caps lock to try get your point a cross.

      Also go look up the back and forth conversation QofA and I have had over the years on the b-town blog we definitely are not friends we just happened to find something we agree on.

      • Question Authority says:

        What we agree on is that CC Rez admits he lives in Columbia City and you and I live quite close to White Center. How is it that someone from the other side of the valley even has a clue what the day to day is like and what we see and experience regularly as long time nearby residents, unlike them.

        • CC_Rez says:

          Jimmy, I had merely asked (not accused) you if the biggest reason why you want this annexation to take place is to piggy back off the services of the City of Seattle, since you are next door. Your answer to this is, “I like services in Burien”. So, if you are sitting comfy with the services of “The City of Burien”, I’m not sure why you are so concerned about this annexation other than that you will personally benefit from being next door and piggy backing off the services paid by the taxpayers of The City of Seattle. Oh and btw, the Pronto services that you were so much in support of is under investigation. Right after the City of Seattle agreed to purchase the Pronto business for $1.4 million, they are now finding out that business has more debt than what was declared. So, now there is another wasteful program that now the taxpayers of the City of Seattle have to eat up. Is the community of White Center ready to commit to their tax dollars to this?

          That’s not the only scandal to hit Seattle. Even though Kenny Pittman says that the residents of White Center will not pay for levies on the Seattle Public School (SPS) district, that doesn’t mean that won’t happen in the near future. SPS will more than likely absorb the schools from the Highline Public School District that serves residents of unincorporated Seattle if they are annexed to the City of Seattle. Here’s an article about what happened in the SPS district in 2011, after taxpayers of the City of Seattle just approved two SPS levies at the tune of over $1 billion:

          In regards to Kenny Pittman’s yearly salary of $115,000 plus a very hearty benefits package. I think it’s important for this community to know what kind of salaries, benefits, and pensions they are going to have to support through its own tax dollars. Kenny has been on this project for over 12 years as he indicated at DubSea meeting on 3/17/16. That’s been pretty much been his pet project since he’s been employed through the City of Seattle. His title is Strategic Advisor 3 for Intergovernmental Relations. What other duties has Kenny Pittman been responsible for, other than trying to package a North Highline annexation for 13 years? Also, once Kenny Pittman retires, the City of Seattle taxpayers will have to pay for his pension package which will probably be at the tune of $150-$200K a year. But don’t worry! YOU and your identical twin Question Authority don’t have to worry about all of that since YOU live in Burien and NOT in Seattle.

          I didn’t quite get what you trying to prove or discredit me by bringing up Normandy Park. You said, “But there having issues of going bankrupt as a city. So see CC_rez when you make statements that people can easily find the truth then you end up just discrediting yourself.” Are you are saying that White Center is doomed for failure if they incorporate on their own because of Normandy Park’s own mismanagement? That logic makes as much sense as John Oliver’s logic, “I’m a vegan, therefore I know karate.” Normandy Park has been it’s own incorporated city since 1953. It is also the home to one of the highest median incomes in the state of WA. I’m sure being the small city that that it is, and the taxes that it collects from high valued properties, it will find a way to make things work out. There’s no reason why White Center could not incorporate as their own city with a population of nearly 20,000 and a 2.5 – 3 sq mi jurisdiction. There are dozens of other cities in North America that have the same type of population and size near big metros like Seattle. All they need is good leadership that knows good policy making, and how to handle the public purse.

          Question Authority, we all know where your heart is when it comes to White Center. All of the readers of this board have to do is just read your condescending remarks on the top of the comment section. I may live in Columbia City, but I’m not trapped in the bubble of my own neighborhood. I’ve lived in the University District and Capitol Hill before buying my first house in Columbia City. My sisters were living in White Center in the late 70s, and my brother has been living near downtown Burien for nearly 20 years. I’ve known White Center for a long time, and I support the community with their businesses. Unlike you, and your disdain for White Center.

          But ultimately, I know Seattle from being long time resident and property owner in the City of Seattle. I also know White Center from years of supporting and being a patron of its local businesses. And since I am contemplating on being part of the community, I think my comments have much more bearing to this community, than people who now live in Burien that “like their services”, and think that White Center is “a ghetto”.

          • Question Authority says:

            You’re now the King of inflammation and misinformation and don’t even have facts.
            Pittman’s retirement earnings will be based on a 30 year service credit, or a year by year total in service. It is widely known to be currently set at 60% upon reaching 30 years.
            Any employee who retires will no longer be receiving “hearty benefits” as they go away and your pension is not free, you pay into it your entire career. Pittman’s earnings will go down, not massively up as you implied so you can stop your sky is falling routine.
            If you want White Center to be self governed why don’t you run for make believe Mayor since you seem to know everything they need. And with your absolute hatred of Seattle why do you want to move to a community currently next door on the verge of annexation. Move far far away, please.

          • Question Authority says:

            One more thing, I certainly have said the area needs cleaning up and services and that is because of first hand interactions.
            FYI – I just got a haircut there as I have for the past ten years, now off to McLendon’s and then to Zippy’s, Noble Barton or WC Pizza for lunch as I do almost weekly. So, who among us actually truly supports the community businesses, you or me?

  9. Jimmy says:

    CC_rez you already stated why your doing this now your trolling again continuously just like the last article you make no sense your trying turn anything and everything around anyone’s says towds you. Your using typical trolling maneuvers . You have no real proof I told you a week and a half a go if you want push this dumbass idea go talk to your local representatives because bitching on a blog is going to get know where. King county and Seattle have already said no white center can not become it own city. So why do you keep doing what your doing instead of talking to your local representatives because you have no ture information to prove your point.

    • CC_Rez says:

      Get a clue man! I don’t have to talk to any local representation about any ideas. The vote for this annexation will go on the ballot. Why would I need to talk to the local representative in regards to that?

  10. CC_Rez says:

    Question Authority, you never gave a RATZ A$$ about Rat City. So, why is it of your concern that an area that you are no longer part of, annexes to Seattle? You even cheered about North Highline not getting annexed to Burien in the B-town blog, and called White Center “an island of misfit toys”. You are no longer part of this community anymore. You can now deal with the problems that Burien has. And believe me, they have their share of the “ghetto” type of people that you want out of White Center. Just go to your own downtown Burien, and you’ll find them congregating at the library and the benches nearby. Maybe you can focus your anti-ghetto crusade over there, since that is your community NOW.

    I’m not going anywhere. If I want to move to White Center and be pretend mayor, then it shouldn’t affect you because you now live in Burien. You are the one who seems to have a problem in the community that you have said you’ve lived at for a long time, and continue to be bitter about it. If it bothers you so much, you ought to move out to Medina or Mercer Island.

    On the verge of annexation??? Yeah, don’t count your chickens before they hatch. It looks like many of the attendees at this meeting with their screaming “snot nosed babies” seem to have another opinion about that.

    You don’t know anything about living in the City of Seattle as a property owner, and how much taxes we pay. I’m trying to inform this community what they can expect if they are going to say yes or no to annexation. I’m going to keep on informing people on these boards whether you like it or not. Don’t get mad if the voters say no, and your hopes and dreams of having a fancy gentrified Seattle neighborhood next door is shattered.

    • Question Authority says:

      You have a screw loose and totally have disregarded all the benefits that Seattle provides you through your taxes. If you want no – Police, Fire, Medic One, 911, Water, Power, Sewer, Drainage, Streets, Parks, ETC. and specifically Mental Health services you should reconsider your “taxes” argument and get a clue on civic society.

      • CC_Rez says:

        All of the voters have to do is just look at the past City of Seattle scandals (ie. Pronto and SPS) as the canary in the coal mine to make their decision on the ballots. I’m sure there will be more stories of the City of Seattle mismanaging tax payers money before the annexation vote reaches the ballot.

        BTW, do have to step over all of “drunks” and “the junkies splayed out” in White Center to get to all of the businesses that you say you go to “on a weekly basis”?

        • Question Authority says:

          Depends on the time of day or the weather outside, if you visited more often and spent money there like I do you’d know more.

          • CC_Rez says:

            Hmm. I’ve spent a good amount of time and money in White Center, and don’t seem to see all of “the 6AM – 2AM+ drunks outside the Locker Room and the junkies all splayed out one block over 24/7” that you say is a problem in White Center.

          • Question Authority says:

            Must be your rose colored glasses.

          • CC_Rez says:

            I don’t wear glasses.

  11. Mark J says:

    One way to look at how recent annexations have affected tax rates to look at 2016 tax rates between the area of North Highline that annexed to Burien in 2010. The 2016 tax rate is about 3% lower in Burien this year than it is in White Center. Certainly not a huge difference, but definitely not higher property tax after annexation.

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