Highline Schools Capital Facilities Advisory Committee prioritizes solutions

The Highline Capital Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC) is narrowing down a list of solutions for facility concerns facing Highline Public Schools, and on Tuesday (May 31) released their priorities.

Initial priorities listed include building new schools at Highline High School, Des Moines Elementary, Southern Heights, as well as building two new middle schools at the Glacier and Manhattan sites.

White Center’s Evergreen campus was not included in the list.

It is not yet known whether the district will put a new bond on the November ballot, and the deadline to file is Aug. 2. The last two bond attempts failed.

Here’s audio of the most recent meeting, held May 25:

CFAC met twice during the month of May, and committee members broke into groups to explore solutions to the top priority problems. The groups developed the following draft solutions, which must now be evaluated for cost and feasibility:

Solution for condition of Des Moines Elementary: Build a new school on the Zenith site at a capacity of 750 students in Phase 1. (Retain existing Des Moines building for public use.)

Solution for condition of Southern Heights Elementary: Rebuild the school on the current location at a capacity of 750 students in Phase 2.

Solution for condition of Highline High School: Build a new school on the current location at a capacity of 1,800 students in Phase 1. Save the façade as much as possible, and replicate the existing architectural style in new construction.

Solution to Elementary Capacity: 

  • Scenario 1: Elementary schools with 6th graders
    • Rebuild Des Moines Elementary
    • Rebuild Southern Heights Elementary
    • Build two new elementary schools
  • Scenario 2: Elementary schools without 6th graders
    • Rebuild Des Moines Elementary
    • Use state class size reduction funds (6080 funds) to modernize Southern Heights Elementary
    • Gradually implement class size reduction
    • Use portables where necessary

Solution for Middle School Capacity:

  • Build two new middle schools at Glacier and Manhattan sites in Phase 1
  • Rebuild two existing middle schools in Phase 2.
  • Rebuild two existing middle schools in Phase 3.

Read a synopsis of the presentations, review supporting documents, and listen to a complete audio recording of the May 11 and May 25 meetings online here.

CFAC is composed of 40 members and is charged with developing a long-term facilities plan for Highline Public Schools, including a future bond measure (read our previous coverage here).

Fifteen committee members were appointed by community organizations, employee associations, and local government leaders. Twenty-five at-large members were chosen by lottery from a pool of over 70 community members who volunteered to serve.

Read a synopsis of all previous CFAC meetings, see a list of committee members, and read more about the committee charge by visiting the CFAC web section (highlineschools.org/CFAC).

The next CFAC meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 8.

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