PHOTOS BY ISABEL: Highline Bears burned by Langley Blaze 11-3 Sunday

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Now in her second year with more great work is our youngest-ever Contributor – 12-year old Isabel Herbruger – Local Girl Scout, 4-H member, and aspiring photojournalist. We encourage residents of all ages to submit stories and photos for posting – for consideration, please email yours to [email protected]!]

Photos and Story by Isabel Herbruger, age 12

The Langley Blaze drove down from Canada for the Bears home opener this weekend.

Saturday’s game had rain and a lot of hits, just not the type of hits you are used to seeing. The Bears won the game 10-0 in just seven innings (see our previous report here). Both teams agreed to end early to keep the players from getting injured on the wet field.

The Bears won not only because of their bats, but they were hit by a lot of pitches! I had never seen a game like this before, so I talked to the Blaze pitcher, Brandon Marklund, after the game. This is his second year with the Blaze, and he has played ball for 12 years:

Q: What was it like to play the Bears in the rain tonight?
A: It was great atmosphere and a lot of fun to play in front of a stadium crowd. I have never had this type of experience before with this team. It has been a really nice.

Q: There were a lot of Bears hit by pitches tonight, were you having troubles throwing the ball because of the rain?
A: Yes, I couldn’t get a very good grip or hand control on the ball. It kept leaving my hand earlier than expected. Hitting a player is never intentional. I feel bad about it, but it is just part of the game.

After the game, kids swarmed the field to run the bases and get signatures from Bears waiting to meet them.

Click images to see larger versions/slideshow:

blog-01 runs came early for the Bears

blog-02 Lots of base running action

blog-03 when bears didnt hit the ball...

blog-05 they got hit by the ball

blog-06 A LOT

blog-08 a whole LOT

blog-09 during the 7th in the dugout

blog-10 kids ran the bases after the game

blog-11 and got autographs from the players

On Sunday, the Bears played the Blaze once again. This time the Blaze won, 11-3. The only nice thing was almost all the pitchers got a chance to pitch at home. The Bears took advantage of opportunities to score as best they could. Twice we scored after stealing third and the Blaze missed catching the ball.

This game had it own version of “I have never seen that before…“:

After a Blaze runner was tagged out for being caught in a pickle (stuck between bases), the runner from first was tagged trying to sneak in a steal. The players from both teams were so excited by the play, everyone thought the inning was over, including the umpires! It was the first ever “two-out inning” in Bear history!

After this game, kids were invited onto the field to play catch with the Bears.

blog-01-Gamache opening pitch

blog-02-Kelly scored on missed throw to third





blog-07-Angel bunts-to-advance-runner


blog-09-after a pickle tagged out



blog-12-Terrel stole second then third

blog-13-then scores after catch missed


Afterwards, I talked to returning Bear pitcher Joey Gamache, who started the game:

Q: How did it feel to start in your first game this year? Were you nervous?
A: It felt good to be out there again and be playing the game I love. I wasn’t nervous but more excited because the wait of the offseason was finally over.

Q: They scored a lot of runs on you, how do you keep focused on getting the next person out?
A: I just keep my composure, take it one pitch at a time and stick with the game plan for the game.

Q: There is a game plan in baseball?
A: Yes. Before the game the pitchers and catcher get together to discuss how we are going to attack the hitters.

Q: What do you do if you have never seen the hitter before?
A: We see how they swing during batting practice, see if we can find holes in their swing and how they react to different pitches thrown to them in the game.

Q: One of the foul balls that left the park went through your car window. Have you ever had that happen? Were you the pitcher?
A: I have never in my 17 years of playing baseball had a ball break a window. It was a little upsetting at first, but I can already laugh about it. I wasn’t pitching at the time, but I think Brian was, as I had just come out of the game.

Q: Did you keep the ball?
A: No, I didn’t get to keep the ball. If I did, it would be going in a fire pit.

Q: How is playing for the Bears different then playing college ball?
A: It is more fun than college because you do not have to worry about school work. You just get to play ball.

Q: What do you do when you are not playing baseball?
A: I work at UPS. Someday I would like to be a major league player, but working for UPS is not a bad thing.

Q: What is your favorite baseball memory?
A: The best part of ball is all the friends I have made over the years.

Q: What is your favorite Bear memory?
A: Winning the inaugural game last year on Colton’s walk on home run….that was incredible.

The next home game is this Friday, June 3, 2016 at 7:05 p.m. at Steve Cox Memorial Stadium in White Center.

More photos and stories are available at Highline Bears by Isabel.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
– Isa “Bear” H.
Official Bear Photographer,
Unofficial Pirate Photographer,
and aspiring photojournalist 

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