Puget Sound Weather Geek: Here’s your 4th of July weekend weather forecast

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by Chris Scragg
Puget Sound Weather Geek

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone! The question on everyone’s minds is probably along the lines of “what is the weather going to be like?”

Well on average the weather is pretty nice on July 4th in Seattle: The average temperature is around 65°F and the average cloud coverage for this time of year is around 0.7 (mostly clear).

Lets look at what the forecasters and models are saying day by day.

  • Saturday, July 2nd: Partly cloudy, chance of showers in the A.M. Similarly to Friday, some mid to high level clouds will filter the sunshine and keep temperatures tamped down into the low 70s. A weak upper level disturbance is floating in to the north of us which is drawing in the clouds.
  • Sunday, July 3rd: Partly cloudy again with a better chance of showers in the afternoon. According to the NWS, a weak front will cross into the region bringing the chance of showers in the afternoon and evening hours. This will be the best chance for showers all weekend.
  • Monday, July 4th: Unfortunately the models are indicating an upper level disturbance nearing the area on Independence Day. This would bring a chance of showers as well and also complicate the forecast. These upper level lows don’t resolve well in computer weather models, and the forecast has been fluctuating. My call would be to expect a partly cloudy day with a possibility of some light rain on your fireworks party. Sorry! It’s Washington after all!

Happy 4th!

Also, here’s a time lapse of clouds shot from my weather station this week:

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