Domestic violence call results in major police response/search

On Monday night (July 25) the King County Sheriff’s Office – along with other local police – had a major response at the Sunrise Terrace condominium complex located in the Glendale neighborhood of unincorporated King County at 10459 Des Moines Memorial Drive (map below).

Police say it was in response to a domestic violence call where a male suspect was believed to be hiding/barricaded inside.

A pregnant female at that location called police and said her boyfriend had choked her and punched her in her stomach repeatedly. She was able to flee the apartment and call 911.

When deputies arrived the victim said the male was still in the apartment and there were guns in the apartment. The male would not answer the door so TAC30 and negotiators were called out.

Deputies tried numerous times to contact the male inside but there was no answer.

“At some point we were able to contact a friend of the suspect,” Sgt. Cindi West told The White Center Blog. “We were able to reach the suspect by phone and found he had fled the apartment before deputies arrived. He has not been arrested yet.”

Our source saw 10 or 11 police cruisers, a SWAT/TAC unit and ambulance, and the police search lasted over two hours.

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