Dog attack injures girl near Evergreen High campus Wednesday

A dog attack injured a girl in the 11000 block of 10th Ave SW near the Evergreen High campus in White Center Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 10

Police say that a girl suffered a puncture wound from the attack.

The dogs were caught and secured, police added.

We’ve heard reports that this incident was related to a search that included a King County Sheriff’s Office helicopter.


3 Responses to “Dog attack injures girl near Evergreen High campus Wednesday”
  1. Jimmy says:

    I have seen a owner of a pair similar looking dogs letting there dogs walk without a leash around my neighborhood dogs seem to be trained well. But still just asking for problems if your going walk your dog on public land keep them on a leash.

  2. DAISY ADRIACO says:

    There are many times dogs are on their leashes and parents will let their kids just run up to the dogs, scaring the dogs and the dogs are only reacting

    • Jimmy says:

      Yes daisy that can be a issue to. Parents need to teach there children the proper way to approach a dog that is unfamiliar with them or to stay away from them.

      The best thing to do is ask the owner permission to pet the dog and if they say ok . Then slowly put your hand out and let the dog sniff it before trying to pet the dog. The owner can give commands for the dog to behave.

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