Large police turnout Tuesday night for domestic violence call in Boulevard Park

Tuesday night (Aug. 30), at around 8:15 p.m. King County Sheriff’s Deputies – including a TAC30 SWAT team – responded to the 12400 block of 20th Ave S. (map below) in nearby Boulevard Park to a call of domestic violence with possible gun shots.

Police arrived and contacted a man at the house, who said he had been in an argument with his 22-year old son. He claimed that his son had “pushed him.”

The man said he had been using a nail gun, which neighbors might have thought was a gunshot, police said.

The son was not located, but a case was submitted to the prosecutor recommending charges of Assault/Domestic Violence.

Several Readers alerted us to the large police turnout, which included blocked roads and the TAC30 team (thanks!).

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