Evergreen, Cascade campuses put into modified lockdown over ‘Creepy Clowns’


On Tuesday (Oct. 4) both Evergreen and Cascade Middle Schools were put into modified lockdown after a Cascade student reported a scary clown post, according to Catherine Carbone Rogers of Highline Public Schools.

The district also released a statement about this recent phenomenon that seems to have developed a life of its own, especially online.

And local police are concerned as well.

“The King County Sheriff’s Office has had reports of ‘clown sightings’ and vague threats related to clowns from social media throughout King County,” Sgt. Cindi West told The White Center Blog. “So far we have received no  information that any of these clowns or posts constitute a credible threat. The clowns we have had contact with have been youth that have not committed any crimes. These posts are causing concern among school officials and parents. Additionally, we are using resources to investigate these threats that could be used elsewhere.”

Other local sightings have been claimed recently, with a few near other school campuses. KIRO is reporting that three people reported seeing clowns in wooded areas of Pierce County, as well as in areas north of Seattle.

In Pierce County, Rogers High School was put into lockdown after two suspects were spotted wearing clown masks, and also possibly armed with a knife near the school. Police later found two discarded clown masks in the area:

Here’s the district’s statement:

Internet Clown Posts
We are aware of a social media phenomenon going around the country featuring threatening-sounding messages that appear to be posted by clowns. Local police have informed us that this is likely a marketing tactic designed to promote a scary clown movie that is coming out soon, with copycats engaging in the drama. While these posts have proven not to be credible threats, we are taking appropriate precautions.

There have been no incidents of violence associated with these posts across the country. We are making you aware not to raise alarm but to reassure you that we know about the situation and are monitoring it.

The safety of our students and staff is our priority. We coordinate with local police and take appropriate action in coordination with law enforcement.

So…anyone around our area witness anything like this yet? Please leave a Comment below…

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