Puget Sound Weather Geek: Super Typhoon Songda threatens the Northwest

by Chris Scragg
Puget Sound Weather Geek

If the transition from summer to fall felt like a comfortable adjustment, then buckle up; because this weekend will make you feel like you stepped into December…in 2006.

The typical hallmarks of stormy weather are expected this weekend; incessant heavy rain, blustery winds and dark days. Saturday however, may bring more than the typical Northwest storm.

Super Typhoon Songda

Category 3 Typhoon Songda is churning 700 miles southeast of Japan. All forecast models are projecting this monster to get caught up in strong west winds. From there, the remnants of the typhoon transitions into a post-tropical storm and hitches a ride all the way to our shores. At that point, the future is unclear.

There are two options provided by the weather models:

  1. Former Typhoon Songda swings north. Fierce winds batter the Oregon and Washington Coasts, but winds further inland are much less intense.
  2. The center of the storm landfalls on Vancouver Island, sucking strong winds into the Puget Sound causing much damage to the region.

This has the potential to be an historically catastrophic windstorm for the Northwest – the effects could be similar to the major Hanukkah Eve windstorm of December 2006.

Meteorologists have not yet issued warnings due to the lack of certainty in the forecast.

My advice: prepare for the worst case scenario and stock up supplies.

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