Here’s why there was police activity on the Evergreen campus Tues. afternoon

If you saw police and emergency activity at the Evergreen High School campus in White Center Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 22, officials are reporting that three non-students were involved in a fight.

According to the King County Sheriff’s Office, three individuals who are not students on the Evergreen campus were detained by police after coming on campus this afternoon.

“There were at least 10 cops and a fire truck,” one concerned parent wrote on Facebook.

All students are safe, but the dismissal process disrupted.

“One of the three principals left campus for a meeting here and she said everything was under control,” said Catherine Carbone Rogers, Chief Communications Office for Highline Public Schools. “We responded with a message quickly because it was dismissal time and conferences were scheduled, but I am not aware of ‘major police activity’ other than more than one car responded, as well as our security officers.”

Evergreen is located at 830 SW 116th Street:

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