VIDEO: Evergreen grad Dianna Leppa sings National Anthem at Seahawks game

Area resident and Evergreen High School graduate Dianna Leppa sang the National Anthem at Sunday night’s nationally-televised Seahawks vs Panthers game, and here’s a video of her in action (be sure to pay attention to the amazing high third note of the final “FREE”):

Dianna has previously sung at Seahawks games, as well as at Portland Trailblazer games; here’s more from the Seahawks website:

“Dianna Leppa is a NW native and has been a performing vocalist from a very young age. At the age of 19, she moved to San Diego and performed with the band, Above it All. After performing in many clubs and events throughout California, Dianna moved back to Seattle and became the lead singer of local bands, System X and Chain Reaction. Her love for travel then landed her a job with Royal Caribbean cruise line and she performed on ships for 13 years while traveling the world. She has had the honor of singing the National Anthem for a number of sports teams including the Seattle Mariners, Sonics, Thunderbirds, and other NFL teams. Dianna now resides back home in Seattle, but still travels and performs internationally for corporate and private events.”

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