Highline Public Schools takes first step toward new schools & safety upgrades

Highline voters approved the sale of $299 million in school construction bonds last November, and on Wednesday, Jan. 11, the first set of bonds was sold.

The bond was passed with a 67% majority Nov. 8 – read our previous coverage here.

The $236.8 million proceeds will fund a majority of the school construction and improvement projects in the bond package, including:

  • Electronic door locks for every classroom in the district
  • Upgraded video surveillance systems at every school
  • Design, permitting, and construction of Olympic interim school
  • Design, permitting and initial construction of Highline High School, the new elementary school at Zenith, and the new middle school at Glacier
  • Replenishment of the capital fund, which pays for critical needs and emergency repairs

The remaining bonds will be sold when funding is needed to complete the projects and begin design work on Pacific Middle School, Tyee High School, and Evergreen High School.

Six financial institutions bid on the bonds. The sale went to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, whose bid came in at the lowest cost to taxpayers.

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