Who will be the ‘Unofficial Mayor’ of White Center? Meet the candidates

By Devin Otto
Big Picture High School Intern

On April 1, an exciting political race taking place within our small neighborhood will finally reach its conclusion.

Since as early as Feb. 18, candidates have been filing for the position of “Unofficial Official Mayor of White Center.” As of March 17, there are six incredibly qualified candidates: in the lead is Geoffrey “MacDaddy” McElroy, the owner of the Triangle Pub:

In second is Justin Cline, who joined the race only five days after the first candidate. Justin, whose claims include paving the White Center streets with ice cream & replacing all stop lights with pinball machines, claims that his ultimate goal is to “return Rat City to the greatness it never was.”

In third place is San Francisco native and White Center transfer Christine Spencer. While her mayoral vows include bringing clean needles to White Center, she is also a 49ers fan, so vote with caution.

Sitting comfortably in fourth is Floyd Dog, who, as his name suggests, is a dog. He doesn’t let that hold him back though, as he says in a statement exclusive to us – “Bark!” As a 2-year resident of White Center, he has been very active in the community, famous for his Super Floyd cape that he wears during the White Center 5K:

Next up is Donnie “D” McDermott, whose claims predominantly focus around providing the citizens of our neighbourhood with bubble cars, yet he seems to have taken some part in a media attack against his foes:

And finally, Brian Cooper seems to be one of the less active in the race, but he promises more murals in White Center:

Voters can contribute to the cause by donating a small sum of money to the candidate they support (a minimum of $10) via the Jubilee days website here:


The responsibilities of the elected mayor will consist of appearing at local store openings, the annual tree lighting, and other community events during the course of their year-long term.

As for the conclusion of this intense race (and what could possibly be the fate of our town), on April 1, at the White Center Eagles Club, the winner of the race will be announced. The event will be a BBQ dinner, 6 p.m. – midnight, and ticket prices are $35 per person.

The money raised will go towards Jubilee days, where the elected mayor will make his or her debut. Included in the dinner will be a silent auction, a debate, and most likely, a great deal of barking.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1285516588202419/

More details will be on the way as this heated political fight heats up…


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