Geoffrey ‘MacDaddy’ McElroy is the new Unofficial Mayor of White Center!

By Devin Otto
Big Picture High School Intern

On Saturday night (April 1), the race for Mayor of White Center finally came to an end.

In an increasingly fast-paced race, the 5 nominees (previously 6, but Donnie McDermott had dropped out a few days before the inauguration) had been collecting in votes in the form of donations of money.

The fundraiser concluded on April Fools (a fitting day) in the White Center Eagles Club. The night consisted of a delicious prime rib dinner (a review I was 100 percent not told by my waiter to give them in exchange for food), a prize raffle, and an exciting debate between the candidates, covering a wide variety of topics, from what they would do to improve White Center to what they do when the lizard people inevitably overthrow our government.

After a debacle in which the campaign was accused of being rigged by Normandy Park (in league with Burien and Russia) they finally tallied the votes, and declared that Geoffrey “MacDaddy” McElroy is now the Official Unofficial Mayor of White Center. Behind him was Christine Spencer, followed by Justin Cline, Brian Cooper, and in last place (shockingly) was Floyd Dog (my bet says the fact that dog was absent contributed to his loss).

In the end, the five candidates ended up raising over $4,000 dollars for the local Jubilee Days.


2 Responses to “Geoffrey ‘MacDaddy’ McElroy is the new Unofficial Mayor of White Center!”
  1. Kate BB says:

    What a clever way to raise funds for Jubilee Days! Good Job!

  2. Leslie Lee says:

    Congrats Mayor Mac!

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