REMINDER: First pitch for Highline Bears baseball is 7:05pm TONIGHT!

REMINDER: The first pitch for the 2017 season of the Highline Bears will be this Friday, June 2, at 7:05 p.m. at Steve Cox Memorial Stadium in White Center!

The Bears are heading into their third season in the Pacific International League, where they have broken all attendance records two years in a row.

However, this year the team is hoping for the community to come out and be a part of it once again.

The Bears will field a team of 28 players from 18 different colleges from around the area. All players are currently in college and are looking to pursue their career in baseball as far as it will take them.

The Bears will host 17 home games at Mel Olson Stadium inside of Steve Cox Memorial Park in White Center.

Tickets to games are affordable at only $5 for adults with kids under the age of 12, and all service men & women being admitted for FREE.

“We pride ourselves on being a place for fun, affordable, family entertainment,” General Manager Justin Moser said. “There really aren’t many things a family of 4 can do for under $20, we do our best to provide that.”

For more information on the Highline Bears – and to purchase tickets online – visit

Mel Olson Stadium is located within Steve Cox Memorial Park at 1321 SW 102nd Street in White Center:


One Response to “REMINDER: First pitch for Highline Bears baseball is 7:05pm TONIGHT!”
  1. BlairJ says:

    If you haven’t seen a game at Mel Olson Stadium in Steve Cox Memorial Park, it really is worth checking out. This is a nice little ball park right in the midst of our White Center business district. The seats are under cover, and are very close to the action on the field. You can easily see the facial expressions of the pitcher, batter and ump without needing a video screen. You can hear the ump’s calls. All this for a very affordable price, right in our own neighborhood.

    I’ll be there tonight!

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