Evergreen Community Aquatic Center receives grant for homeless shower facilities

The Evergreen Community Aquatic Center recently received a $5,000 grant to help fund shower facilities for homeless residents:

With the growing numbers of families facing homelessness, local organizations partner on innovative solution to care for Seattle families while they transition in to housing. Amerigroup Washington contributed $5,000 to support the Evergreen Community Aquatic Center’s partnership with Mary’s Place and the Neighborhood House to make the shower facility at the pool available for homeless residents. In addition, swimming lessons, open swim, family swim will be offered at the Evergreen Pool for residents of Mary’s Place and the Neighborhood House.

This effort began when all four organizations gathered to explore the possibility of using the pool showers as a temporary showering facility for residents at each homeless shelter. Many of these families do not have showering facilities and the new Mary’s Place Family Center shelter in White Center only has one shower available, while two others are being added. Upon further discussions, the opportunity to increase access to swimming and water safety lessons also came about as part of this partnership.

“Providing a safe place to shower and to receive swim lessons is part of improving the health and behavioral wellbeing of our White Center friends and neighbors, who are going through difficult times,” said Craig Smith, Amerigroup Washington President. “That is why Amerigroup is please to contribute $5,000 towards creating a community solution that will ensure that White Center residents have the support they need to live healthy lifestyles.”

This money will support the support staff, issuing of towels and a voucher system to allow these residents to come to the pool with a user pass during regular operating hours to use the facilities. This sponsorship can also will support over 150 full session swimming lessons (8 classes per session) and /or full use of the family swim and open swim times at the pool.

“We are incredibly grateful for the support and partnership of Amerigroup Washington, because without their continued support Evergreen Community Aquatic Center would not be able to impact so many underserved kids and teens this year,” said Bryan Hastings, White Water Aquatics Management Board President. “With this sponsorship, we hope to provide a much-needed opportunity for a physical and mental boost to our community members most in need of positive experiences.  It is our hope that this one opportunity can lead to many more positive exchanges for our neighbors that truly deserve a better opportunity.”

Belonging to a Community Center is a building block to bond neighborhoods.  The residents at Mary’s Place and the Neighborhood House will now have a place to go to exercise and shower.  It is a place they belong to and we relish their participation.  For these families that are using all their energy to find housing daily, this is a terrific starting point for renewed confidence.


2 Responses to “Evergreen Community Aquatic Center receives grant for homeless shower facilities”
  1. BlairJ says:

    I hope there will be a fundraiser to repair the showers at Evergreen Pool. Fewer and fewer of the showerheads have been functioning (at least in the mens’ showers). The cost of repair that I have heard other swimmers mention is much higher than the $5,000 mentioned in this article. For these families to take advantage of the facility, they will need showers that work. That goes for the rest of us, too.

    I will donate as soon as I hear news of a fundraiser.

  2. BlairJ says:

    I should have looked at the Evergreen Pool website. There already is a fundraiser going to improve the showers. So now I will donate. Who’s going to join me?

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