MISSING DOG: Have you seen ‘Mister’? He’s been missing since March

Have you seen ‘Mister’? He’s been missing since March this year, and was last seen near 106th and Myers Way S. in the Top Hat/Boulevard Park area:

“It is truly heartbreaking for my children and I,” Mona Moreno said. “My dog accidentally got out the night of March 4th. It may have been 30-40 minutes before I realized he was not in the house and immediately went looking for him. It was already dark out and close to midnight. There was no sign of him. I feel he was picked up by someone and they are keeping him as he is micro chipped, registered to me and reported lost. If anyone had him scanned they would have contacted me. I check with the shelters, craigslist and any Facebook site I can find for lost pets daily.

“He is super friendly, extremely smart ad the cutest little guy ever. I am hoping someone honest would come forward and return him to us. We have had him since he was 2 months old.”

Here are some other pics:

If you’ve seen him, please contact Mona at [email protected], or call (206) 250-5539.

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