National Take-Back Prescription event will be in White Center this Saturday

The King County Sheriff’s Office Foundation’s White Center Police Activities League Boxing Center, in partnership with the King County Sheriff’s Office, will be participating in the DEA National Take-Back Prescription Drug Project this Saturday, Oct. 28, at Steve Cox Memorial Park.

With the epidemic that the Region and the Nation is currently experiencing with the Opioid Crisis and massive overdose deaths, the Foundation will co-sponsor this event with Sheriff John Urquhart.

The King County Sheriff’s Office Foundation is an Organization that has Deputy and Civilian volunteers that serve as Coaches and Mentors for the at-risk, vulnerable youth of King County. The Foundation is a member of the 100 Year Old National PAL Program.

“I was proud to have been involved under two prior Sheriffs that were critical in the formation and success of our Police Activities League Program and I’m proud to be a part of the current Foundation,” Sheriff John Urquhart said. “When the Foundation’s Executive Director, Jared Karstetter approached me having returned from from a Youth Summit in Washington DC and asked if I’d be willing to be part of the DEA Program Event, I knew that this is something that the Sheriff’s Office MUST be involved in.”

“The Foundation is required to perform a community service project in associated with a National PAL Dept of Justice Grant we received under a Youth-Teen Mentoring Program,” Karstetter said. “I contacted DEA and asked if our White Center Boxing PAL Club could do this project and DEA indicated that if the Sheriff would support it, yes. Sheriff Urquhart, even when faced with massive service and program cuts, has remained committed to the at-risk youth that the Foundation serves,” Karstetter added.

The TAKE BACK Event will be at the King County Sheriff’s Office Storefront Precinct at Steven Cox Memorial Park located at: Steve Cox Building (in White Center), King County Sheriff’s Office Storefront at 1327 SW 102nd Street Seattle, WA  98146 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. on SATURDAY, OCT. 28, 2017.

Sheriff John Urquhart will be at the site as 12:00 to thank the kids and community.

The Community is invited to bring their prescription drugs (and any other drugs) to this event. This Program is designed to protect the identity of anyone bringing material to this event. No questions are asked and no information is obtained. The youth of the White Center PAL Boxing Club are there to assist the public in placing these very harmful drugs into a secured bin for proper disposal.

This will also be an opportunity to learn more about the King County Sheriff’s Office commitment to the White Center Community and to see the Program that the youth of the area are involved in.

“We hope to make this an Annual Event for both the Foundation and the Sheriff’s Office and look to expand it next year to all areas serviced by the King County Sheriff’s Office.”

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