Shooting in White Center early Saturday leaves 1 man dead, 1 injured

The King County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that a shooting outside Club Taradise early Saturday (Jan. 6) has left one man dead and another injured.

Police say that shortly after 1 a.m., King County Sheriff’s 9-1-1 received multiple calls and reports of a shooting outside Club Taradise in the 9800 block of 16th Ave SW (map below). As many of our Readers may recall, there was another fatal shooting near this establishment last May.

Callers reported hearing multiple shots and seeing two men lying in the parking lot of the club.

Deputies arrived within minutes and found a 51-year old male, unresponsive, with gunshot wounds to his upper torso and head area. That man was pronounced dead at the scene.

The second victim was found in the same parking lot and also had gunshot wounds to his upper torso area. Medics arrived shortly after Deputies and were able to get the second victim stable enough to be transported to Harborview Medical Center where he was rushed to surgery.

At this point, the few witnesses that remained on scene when Deputies and Major Crimes Detectives arrived are cooperating, but little is known about the suspect or the events that lead up to the shooting.

Detectives believe that the two victims knew each other, and that they got into some sort of verbal and physical altercation with an unknown age, race, or build male just prior to the shooting. Their investigation will be ongoing.

Police ad that it is unknown at this time if a shooting that occurred around 3:30 a.m. just north in Seattle is related to this shooting. Detectives from KCSO will look into that as part of their investigation.


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  1. S.M. says:

    That place needs to be closed down and demolished! When will enough be enough?!

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