Lockdown at Cascade Middle School due to false alarm

A lockdown at Cascade Middle School on Wednesday morning (Feb. 28) was due to a false alarm.

Highline Public Schools says that a student got ahold of a staff member’s radio, then radioed out a false report that there was a student with a gun on campus.

The school went into lockdown, per the district’s safety protocol, and within 30 seconds, the district security officer and SRO were in the building where the radio call was made.

Within two minutes, multiple police officers were on the scene.

However, one person wasn’t happy with the school’s response.

“This sent the school into lockdown with no apparent readiness or protocols in place,” Brian Provo told The White Center Blog. “A kid was also found in possession of a knife…and he was sent back to class.”

Provo added that he called the head of security for the district, who told him that protocols are coming.

“…but he pretty much blew me off,” Provo said. “The administration doesn’t seem to care about safety or discipline…?”

Provo also told The White Center Blog that some doors were unlocked, and that some keys didn’t work.

“Slow alert system…and after that crapshow the principal didn’t stick around to address the staff concerns. That place is a powder keg.”

The district responded:

We issued new safety manuals in November, which replaced old manuals. The manuals are downloadable by any staff member to their computer and their phone. Each school also has two hard copies of the manual. What is “coming” is that our Safety and Security Director is going out to each school to go over the new manual and answer their questions.

When staff debriefed the incident at the end of the day, the principal could not be there but the assistant principal and security officer led the debrief. They talked about some things that could be improved. One of the things was that one of the exterior doors did not lock. That is being repaired. Master keys were issued to staff who did not have them.

An incident on Tuesday at the school involved a student giving another student a knife on the bus. The student who received the knife and his parent turned the knife into the office. Following an investigation, discipline was issued according to district policy.

Cascade Middle School is located at 11212 10th Ave SW:

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