Student arrested after bringing loaded gun to New Start High School Thursday

A student was arrested after being found in possession of a loaded gun at New Start High School on Thursday, Feb. 15.

A social media post surfaced that led to suspicion of the student possessing a weapon. The student was isolated, searched and a weapon was found, and the student was taken into police custody.

The King County Sheriff’s Office confirmed with The B-Town Blog that the suspect was 15-years old, and was arrested with a loaded gun.

The district said there was no threat to the school or students.

“Possession of any weapon at school, real or fake, is taken very seriously,” Principal Michael Sita said in a statement. “Please remind your student of the seriousness of bringing any weapon or ‘look-a-like’ to school.”

As we previously reported, in early January shots were fired at the school. Police said then that a round entered an office window and ended up lodged in a 3-ring binder in the administrative offices.

And on March 12, a student at Sylvester Middle School was arrested after also bringing a gun to school.

“The safety of our students and staff is always our first priority, and we take immediate action on any report of a threat. Please encourage your student to report any safety concern they may have,” Sita added.

New Start High School is located at 614 SW 120th Street:

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