King County Sheriff’s Deputy injured after being struck by vehicle at Safeway

A King County Sheriff’s Deputy was injured Monday afternoon (Jan. 7), responding to a shoplifting call at the Safeway located on Roxbury and 28th Ave SW in White Center (map below).

Police say that one female suspect is in custody, while another female suspect struck the deputy with her vehicle before fleeing at a high rate of speed.

The officer suffered non life-threatening injuries, and was transported to Harborview Medical Center for treatment.


2 Responses to “King County Sheriff’s Deputy injured after being struck by vehicle at Safeway”
  1. capt obvious says:

    Why is it so difficult for some people to obey laws and not harm the public or the police . I hope this person is caught put in in 5×10 cage for the rest of their life .

    You would think in this day and age where some people that want to be treated with respect and dignity but so many can’t or simply wont follow the simplest of laws . Some want or think they have to live a thug life style and act as such . What’s the point to living that life style get shot end up dead or in prison . Then the rest of the world looks down on you and your family . Then feels sorry for the other family involved . Waste money on rims ,hydraulics and sound systems . While your kids are hungry and don’t have any school supplies to even try to do a good job in school .

  2. Tina Larson says:

    I have such mixed feelings about this…, I do not wish harm on an officer of the law. Each and every time I need an officer I am grateful for the assistance. BUT I have an elderly neighbor who was mugged at knife point last week, at 10am at the intersection of Ambaum Blvd South and 171st Street in Burien, where SHE LIVES in the neighborhood of Blakely Manor. She struggled with the female perp and lost her purse and dignity to the perp. NOWHERE have I seen a notice of this to alert my neighborhood. I’m sorry the Deputy was injured but why is this getting attention and not my neighborhood?

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