UPDATE: Man who barricaded self in Subway in White Center charged

Charges have been filed by the King County Prosecutors Office of two counts of Assault 2 against suspect Walter C. Montoya for his assault against two King County Sheriff’s Deputies during a Feb. 4, 2019 incident where Montoya barricaded himself inside a Subway restaurant in White Center.

Police say that on Feb. 4, 2019 at 4:15 p.m., Deputies were dispatched to a domestic violence disturbance near the 10400 block of 16th Ave SW in White Center. The suspect, a 29-year old male, had vandalized a car and then ran into the Subway restaurant that was nearby. When Deputies arrived on scene the victim directed them to the Subway.

Deputies approached the suspect inside Subway and he produced a knife. Both Deputies deployed their tasers, but it had no effect on the suspect. Instead the suspect charged at one of the Deputies with the knife, then turned towards the occupants of the Subway, at which point the Deputy fired a shot at the suspect fearing for everyone’s safety. The shot missed the suspect, and he retreated into the Subway kitchen and barricaded himself. The employees and customers were able to exit the store.

KCSO HNT (Hostage Negation Team) spoke with the suspect for over an hour and a half, trying to get him to peacefully surrender. At one point the suspect gave both of his knives up to Deputies, but still refused to come out. Instead he began spraying WD-40 on himself, and throughout the room, threatening to light himself on fire. Just prior to that happening, the TAC30 SWAT team made entry into the kitchen area where the suspect was barricaded.

The suspect was using a bulletin board as a shield and had a screw driver in his other hand that he began swinging at the Deputies. A Taser was deployed, but had limited effect on the suspect. Several rubber bullets were fired at the suspect as well, but they also had limited effect.

Initially the weapon was described as a “screwdriver” but as can be seen in the photos below, the weapon was a large metal rod and a paint scraper. Suspect Montoya was swinging the pipe at the TAC-30 deputies as they moved in to arrest him.

A K9 dog was then used to try and take the suspect into custody. The suspect was able to slip by Deputies and used his screw driver to try and stab at them. A shot was fired by a TAC30 Deputy at the suspect, but it did not hit him. The suspect was then taken into custody.

King County Medic 1 was on-scene immediately and treated the suspect, who was rushed to Harborview Hospital. He was listed in stable condition with a dog bite. The attending physician has confirmed the suspect was not struck by a bullet.

No Deputies were injured in this incident.

The two Deputies who fired their weapons are on paid administrative leave which is standard in Officer involved shootings.

Sheriff Johanknecht has asked the Seattle Police Department Force Investigation Team to investigate the officer involved shooting.

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