Shooting injures three in White Center Sunday morning

Three people were injured and sent to Harborview Medical Center after being shot in an alley between 16th and 17th Ave SW in White Center Sunday morning, June 23.

Police say the conditions of the victims are unknown at this time.

The shooting occurred in the 9800 block in an alley between 16th and 17th Ave SW (map below).

No word on suspects or motives yet, but as we learn more we’ll update this post…


3 Responses to “Shooting injures three in White Center Sunday morning”
  1. Are you not tired of the shootings and crime in White Center? Let’s not accept that this is thw normal.
    TAKE ACTION: Stop being passive and becoming victims…Invest, Install and Investigate!!!
    Please purchase and install motion activated lights, cameras, Ring door bells (they are so inexpensice on Amazon) – and please, CALL 911 of anything suspicious, anytime, anywhere on anyone/anything at all. (don’t bother with the non-emergency line, nothing happens – this is why we pay taxes)

    Let’s show the scum they are being watched 24/7, that we will not tolerate it and to get the hell out of our neighborhood! So tired of this “bad neighborhood” crap! We can do better at stopping them, by being proactive and protective.

    • Jimmy says:

      So how do we go about stopping these thug’s from talking trash, stealing from each other or scuffing someone shoes . To the point that these thug’s want to shoot each other .

      Setting up cameras would help to stop some car prowling types of crime and mail theft . These are crime’s that numbers are going down . But won’t not do much to stop thug’s from shooting each other . These are thug’s that don’t care about someone seeing them because if someone narcs there the next one shot . They don’t care about any gun laws they don’t care what any police or government official says ether . If someone upsets them or disrespect them it’s pop pop pop pop spray off as many rounds as possible .

      Also calling the non emergency line things do happen . It’s just if the are a higher priority call they take that call first .

  2. Jimmy says:

    Sounds like typical thug life in white center . Let’s have a thug party invite everyone that don’t get along . That also carry most likely stolen firearms that also don’t have a clue how to aim or shoot correctly . Then add in over consuming of malt liquor and blunts of headache weed (cannabis illegally grown with tons of pesticides other unnecessary stuff) that takes multiple blunts to get high .

    You end up with 3 people shot 40 rounds fired everyone else runs . If they talk to the police they are next one shot . Thug life in white center so kids on summer vacation that think this sounds like real fun . Stay inside if you have to or please find something better to do in life .

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